A Night at the Ariston Baths by Michael Murphy #mm #review @dreamspinners

A Night at the Ariston Baths

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In rural Pennsylvania, Theodore McCall lives on his family’s farm and works as a clerk at the local general store. While his best friend, Martin Fuller, thrives in New York City, Theodore trudges through life. But on New Year’s Eve, 1902, Theodore’s world is turned upside down, and big changes call for bold action.

Theodore, who has never ventured more than eight miles from home, undertakes the daunting journey to New York City to join Martin. But the Martin he finds in New York is a stranger, a different man, doing things Theodore finds shocking. After just two months in the City, Theodore’s world is upended again as he and Martin are swept up in the events at the Ariston Baths.

Haunted by his experiences in New York, Theodore returns home, wondering whether he’ll ever find happiness in life. When he meets Jasper Webb, Theodore must boldly risk everything for the love he so longs for.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

You know when you start reading a book and you mentally have an image of it going a certain way. And it doesn’t, not even close. That was this book for me.

We start in present day, all characters are old men, reliving how they got to that point in there lives.

The writing itself is very engaging story, you can picture it happening to any two middle American boys of the 1900’s.

My problem is, I’m a romantic, so when we started painting the picture of Teddy and Martin, true love and all that, and then Martin cheating on Teddy. I lost it, I guess to be honest, I was losing focus before then but that was it for me.

The building up, the store in rural PA. The families. The home life. Such a great buildup.

Then New York happened and to me, the fall of the story.

The bones of the story are still good, Teddy did, I would hope any love sick, heart sick boyfriend would do, help his partner as best he could. And us following along was a great tale. The courtroom scenes, each prisoner getting something different showing us just how unfair the system was and is.

The letters from Martin, the giving up. All great writing. But my heart had left the story.

Teddy getting his life back together. And a sweet HEA that brings us back.


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