If I Had You (de Piaget #2) by Lynn Kurland #mf #review

If I Had You

Artane is a majestic keep on the edge of the sea, the foster home of Anne of Fenwyck and the legacy of Robin de Piaget. Warring had kept Robin far from home for so long, Anne had all but given up hope he would ever return. But now Robin has come home – to the enchanting young woman who leaves him breathless with longing … and to a treachery that places them both in terrible danger. Then as the past threatens their future, he realizes that he wants nothing more than to have her – forever…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

I have read many of the de Piaget books so I was excited to start this story about Robin & Anne’s courtship. Having gotten to know Robin through an older view in other books, this was an interesting look into a younger Robin, a Robin who still dealt with shame, a Robin who didn’t know he was Rhy’s biological son.

So many good things about this book. I finally found out why Anne walked with a limp. The flavor of Artane at the beginning was an interesting one. (And it reminds me. I need to finish the audiobook of Rhys & Gwen’s story).

One of the things I love about Kurland’s books is in their own stories, we see the heroes fight within themselves and Robin was no exception. Ever since he was humiliated as a boy at the hands of his cousin, he has ignored to the point of lunacy the only woman he’s ever loved, Anne of Fenwyk. And when he screws up royally and is forced to marry her, the forced wooing by his grandmother is one of my favorite parts of the book. For there is no doubt he loves Anne to put up with Joanna’s ministrations on his behalf.

I found the ending rushed – the part when he finds out his true parentage – but I’m hoping to get more of that from Rhys & Gwen’s story.

Another great de Piaget story, even if there is no time travel in this one at all.


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