The Well of Tears (The Town of Superstition #2) by R.G. Thomas #mm #review #YA @HarmonyInkPress

The Well of Tears

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Thaddeus Cane is on the journey of his life. Having just discovered he is the son of a wizard and witch, he sets off on a quest to find his mother, who was cursed when Thaddeus was just a baby. He is accompanied by his father, Nathan; his new love, Teofil Rhododendron, the garden gnome who lives next door; and Teofil’s mother, brother, and sister. Though the world they travel through is familiar to him, they encounter a number of magical beings, some friendly and others quite deadly. When Nathan is gravely wounded, Thaddeus must choose between finding his mother and saving his father’s life.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Guest ReviewerTAG

*Small Spoilers*


I did not read the first book of this series, but even then I was able to figure out what was going on and still enjoy the book. As a 17 year old reader, I loved the book and wish to read not only the first, but every one in the series. I’ll warn that there may be small spoilers because I am not sure if these things are covered in the first book. I can promise that what I may say gives NO information on how the story turns out.

It begins with Thaddeus Cane, along with Nathan, Teofil, Miriam, Fetter, and Astrid. Nathan the father and Teofil, Fetter, Astrid, and Miriam are very important pieces to this story. Teofil and Thaddeus are dating and I loved the relationship because it seems to be real between the two of them and their experiences keep this story interesting.

In the book, that they are on a journey to save Thaddeus’s mother, who was turned into a dragon. That part kind of confused me, but I think that could be because I did not read the first book. But with an attack from a troll, their plans have to change. Even with just being introduced to this series with one book, I felt like I got to know Nathan and Miriam as very caring people and wished they could have been there more.

All the characters I grew to love, and there were moments that broke my heart. And throughout the story, I felt a ton of emotions. I wanted the characters to make it out alive and have their own stories because I am not ready for it to be over. In the end, I loved the story and would recommend it to any of my friends. I will also be bugging my mom to get me the rest of the books.


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