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Dream Guy

Every teen has dreams – but only Joe Knightley can make his dreams reality. Even the nightmares…

There can only be one Dream Master.

Joe has been falling asleep everywhere – and he has enough on his plate with wrangling his wayward best mate, suppressing the urge to murder his little sister and facing off Charlie Meek, the knife-wielding bully who makes school a misery for so many.

Joe does not need the discovery that he can make his dreams come true. At first, turning a classroom into an aquarium and conjuring up a Lamborghini are amusing ways to use this new power. But Joe soon realizes he’s roused an enemy far deadlier than Charlie Meek.

Drawn into a duel with a being who has had centuries of experience, Joe must fight for everything he holds dear. But deciding exactly what he holds dear is perhaps the biggest battle of all.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Guest ReviewerTAG

As a young adult reader, currently 17-year-old, The Dream Guy was a book that didn’t quite get me invested.  It is about a Joe Knightley, a 14-year-old boy in England, who finds out he has the power to make his dreams come true. Which he figures out when he turns his class into a people with fish heads and fills the classroom with water and creates a Lamborghini in his garage.


Thoughtout the book, it is him trying to control the power along with trying to keep it secret from his family and other people. The book didn’t really catch my attention or interest me until chapter 11.


None of them really felt like a real person other than Nell who comes in later in the book. And even at first he didn’t seem like a true person, it took a while before I could care about him. They just felt like a stereotype most of the time, one was perfect, the other bratty, another a drop-out, and so on.


Also didn’t like how people would react to things happening, the fish heads was only talked about a few times after it happened and other things that were brought from the dreams would sometimes seem to just disappear from the story. I honestly thought the book’s idea was really a good one, but the first chapters didn’t get me make me want to keep going but I did and found a few places that drew me in. I really wanted to know what would happen to Nell by the end of the story.


In the following books, I hope the author can catch my attention earlier on because it does seem like it could be a good story. I am the kind of reader that needs to care early about the story and characters or I will never be fully engaged in the story.


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