Love Came Just in Time (MacLeod #2.5, 2.7, 2.8) by Lynn Kurland #mf #review

Love Came Just In Time

With each of her stunning novels and novellas, readers have followed national bestselling author Lynn Kurland’s engaging characters as they swept across time, across continents, across the map of the human heart in a transcendent search for love. Now, journey with her in this enchanting anthology showcasing the “literary magician” (Romantic Times) at her magical best…

In The Gift of Christmas Past, a feline angel pulls his mistress back in time to a night long ago, where she finds her own true love…A quaint country inn becomes the haunting ground for The Three Wise Ghosts, a spirited trio of matchmakers who scare a free-wheeling American and a single-minded British executive into love…A Scottish nobleman drifts off to sleep in a 13th century dungeon, only to awaken in a 20th century Manhattan bridal salon, and the arms of a beautiful designer, in And the Groom Wore Tulle…And in The Ring on the Cake, opposites indeed attract when a staid writer warms the heart of a wilderness buff who’s more interested in fending off grizzlies than fending off men…


This book contained 4 different short stories written by Lynn Kurland. I give each one its own review.

Story: The Gift of Christmas Past

Sir Sweetums is a cat. A dead cat. Through his nine lives he has helped his humans find happiness, but of his last and most faved owner, he failed in that duty. Now, as a ghost, he intends to find The Abigail a mate. It will just have to be through time.

So cute. I always wondered about the relationship between Abby & Miles as it had been mentioned but up until I read this book, I had never met Abby and wondered how she came to be amongst the de Piagets. This is a short story and a too-short romance, but it will surely bring a smile to your face. If for no other reason than in Miles thinking she’s a harpy because of her clothing.

A definite bright, if too short, light in the de Piaget series.

5 stars.


Story: The Three Wise Ghosts

If you’ve read Kurland’s works, you have probably come across Ambrose MacLeod, Hugh McKinnon, and Fulbert de Piaget, three ghosts who have nothing to do but matchmake between their descendants and between timeframes. Well, the three of them have their work cut out of them between Gideon de Piaget, the 2nd son of the current Earl of Artane, and Megan McKinnon, a yank who has been sent to England on an errand and has every intention of completing it, even if she has to deal with the jerk sharing the inn with her.

Gideon is so into work, he has no time for romance. And Megan feels like a failure compared to her siblings who have their careers in hand. Take those two, mix in three ghosts who will NOT take no for an answer, and you get The Three Wise Ghosts.

Not my favorite Kurland by a long shot. But it was still cute.

4 stars.


Story: And the Groom Wore Tulle

This may go down as my absolute favorite Kurland of all time. If you’ve read any of her MacLeod series, you have heard of Ian. Left dying in the dungeon of their enemy in the 1300s, he wished he could go forward with his cousin Jamie, but instead fully expected to die. Instead, he woke up, sure he had died and found himself stuck between heaven and hell. As he wanted to get through the pearly gates and there were angel gowns a plenty, well what’s a dirty thirteenth century Scot to do but make himself look as much like an angel as he possibly can?

When I add that he actually landed in a present day wedding gown shop, you might understand why I love this story so much. Add in the fact he has the most unique way of wooing his woman that you just have to read.

This story will most definitely make you smile, laugh, and possibly tear up.

5 stars.


Story: The Icing on the Cake

This is the second Kurland book wherein I really did not like the heroine. Which yes, made me dislike the storyline as well. Sydney Kincaid runs an outfit in Alaska and she’s brash and rather unkind. When she comes back from months away from home to find her renter is a man, she’s absolutely rude. And then she sees something he made and goes to eat it without asking – if you read the story you’d get that she ruined a very huge project. Not once, in my mind, did she recommend herself as someone Sam should date let alone love.

I wanted him to leave and find someone else, actually. Alas, they ended up together.

3 stars.

Overall: 4 stars

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