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blood poision

When the gorgeous vampiric half-breed, Rye Sanborn, is left for dead in the post-apocalyptic wastelands while searching for her kidnapped sister, she’s at the mercy of the gallant man that saves her. With her regenerative process slow to heal her wounds, she voraciously drinks his blood. And while it works, it also triggers her inherent carnal lust. Once they are in his ancient mine shaft lair, she seduces him.

The moment handsome wasteland rogue Sevrin Renault finds the tortured female lamian lying naked in a ditch, he’s intrigued. Rye and Sevrin embark on a hot, steamy journey across the wasteland, indulging in their rapacious attraction to each other. But they are also racing to stop a villainous corporation from developing a poison that could wipe out all mankind.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been re-edited and revised.

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Rye is very conflicted and lacks trust. She is convinced  she can only trust her sister.  After being attacked and left for dead, she believes that Sevrin is going to turn her into the scientists. As she searches for her missing sister with Sevrin,  they develop a strong friendship.

Sevrin is confident and yet still cares for others, which in these times is rare.  When he comes across Rye dead with poison still running through her veins, he must help her.  By giving her his blood he starts a bond  that he doesn’t understand but wants to see what it leads to.

Through all of their troubles it draws them closers together, as they must learn to trust each other.  Their relationship turns physical for comfort, and pleasure.  I identify with Sevrin, he is a good guy in a bad world. He trys to be tough and ruthless, but that is just not his way.  Rye is tough n the outside but insecure on the inside. A good read.

4 stars

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