A Garden In The Rain (MacLeod #4) by Lynn Kurland #mf #review

A Garden in the Rain

Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he has no control over and wishes desperately he could change. He hasn’t the heart for love, nor the time for rescuing maidens in distress of their own making. Until he sees a woman who touches his heart and stirs his soul … and makes him believe love may be possible after all.

For Madelyn Phillips, Scotland is the land of dreams, filled with magic, romance, and handsome Highland lords. Unfortunately, the reality of her dream vacation is no car, no luggage, and a pesky ex-fiance determined to shadow her every move. She thinks her dreams are in vain until she sees a man standing on a windswept moor, a Highlander full of secrets and longing–and Madelyn knows she has seen her destiny.

But the past isn’t through with either of them, and it will take all the love each possesses to make their dreams come true.


Of all of Kurland’s works I’ve now read, this is my least favorite – but I still like it enough to give it four stars, if that tells you anything. 😉

It still has a time travel element, though it was far different in this one than in most of the others as the hero Patrick MacLeod is originally from the fourteenth century but has been living in present day for some time. His heroine is also modern day. Unfortunately for Madelyn, she’s in Scotland on her honeymoon for a wedding that never happened. As if being jilted by her ex wasn’t bad enough, he shows up and is the biggest bane in her backside ever. (I so wanted Patrick to skewer him, but alas, he did not. Sometimes Kurland’s heroes can be a bit TOO chivalrous.)

The time travel element comes in because all around the MacLeod keep there are gates to different times and different countries. When Madelyn ends up in the past in the hands of the MacLeod’s worst enemy, Patrick must go back and save her.

The reason I liked this one the least was the angst issue. Patrick’s angst over his past was a bit much to get through. And the part about Culloden was a bit confusing.

Still, a wonderful romance.

4 stars.


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