Dreams Of Stardust (de Piaget #3) by Lynn Kurland #mf #review

Dreams of Stardust

At last, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland delivers her newest time travel romance. In the 1200s, Amanda of Artane has one summer to choose from her suitors–and find love forever.

In the 1200s, Amanda of Artane has one summer to choose from her suitors—and find love forever.


Jake Kilchurn travels the world to unearth exquisite stones for this one-of-a-kind creations, but it is during an unexpected side trip to Seakirk castle that he meets a cadre of ghosts discussing a timeless beauty who lived centuries ago.


Amanda de Piaget is busy doing what she does best—fending off suitors—when she stumbles on a different kind of man. He is unconscious, dirty, and oddly clad. But unlike the other men who find themselves at Artane, Jake knows nothing about her—and Amanda finds herself strangely drawn to him.


Time has brought them together to the safety of its walls, but only time will tell if they’ll escape those who would try to tear them apart…


After having read (or listened to) several of Kurland’s books, this is one I looked forward to – the tale of Jake Kilchurn and Amanda de Piaget. And it delivered in a huge way.

Jake wanders the world, looking for beautiful gems and making them into exquisite jewelry for people who can pay. Half American/Half English, he currently resides in London and is forced into doing some business for his father, a man he cannot stand. Through this business and a strange night in a haunted castle, he wakes up to find himself in thirteenth century England in a castle.

What I liked about the book: The writing was superb as always, the characters were well written, and the wonderful juxtaposition of present vs past was captivating. Added in his father’s ruthless actions and Amanda’s run and it also became quite a wonderful tale.

What I LOVED about the book: First off, I adored Jake. I loved the way he interacted with Amanda’s brothers, the way he chose to fight for her and ran himself ragged doing so, and the way he and Robin became friends. It also showed an interesting side to her brother Nicholas I found interesting.

What can I say? Want to fall in love with the de Piaget family? This book will surely do it.

5 stars.


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