The Redhead Revealed (Redhead #2) by Alice Clayton #mf #review @alice_clayton

The Redhead Revealed

As their careers catch fire, Grace and Jack — everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, funny, and feisty couple — find themselves on opposite coasts. Grace has landed in New York City, where she loves being onstage again, particularly because she’s playing a fabulous character in a musical written by her old college flame, Michael. Their rekindled friendship makes exploring the city that much more fun.

Wait, it’s just friendship, right?

Meanwhile, in L.A., Jack can scarcely keep up with the swirling throngs of women who track him everywhere he goes, the endless press appearances, and the ridiculous rules his manager, Holly, keeps concocting for him — all part of the buildup to the release of Time, his steamy new film.

Thank goodness for phone sex.

But even when their schedules allow them to connect, Grace and Jack must keep their relationship off the radar and away from paparazzi cameras. Sure, the sex is sensational, but can this duo survive swirling rumors, the demands of their chosen professions, Grace’s raging internal battles, and a whopping nine-year age difference?

Tick-tock, the clock is ticking. Isn’t it?

Alice Clayton brings the second installment of a tale told with her magical mix of humor and heat, so cuddle up under the sheets and flip on the Golden Girls. Grace and Jack are at it again.

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Once again, Clayton delivers the laughs in The Redhead Revealed, but she also delivers an extra-large serving of tears a time or two as Grace and Jack discover just how difficult long-distance relationships can be. Especially when they have to keep theirs hidden from Hollywood’s spying eye to stop Jack from torpedoing his career just as it’s taking off.


In this installment, Grace is in New York, preparing to take the off-off-Broadway stage by storm in her former college crush’s production. She’s having a blast. Grace loves New York. She loves the cast. She loves the crew. She loves working with Michael. She loves the play. But she misses Jack like crazy, and the feeling is mutual. In the beginning, they do a great job of touching base almost daily, keeping the spark alive via phone sex, and squeezing in a couple of visits. However, as the opening day for Grace’s play nears and the promotional appearances and interviews for Jack’s film increase as the movie’s release date gets closer, finding time to connect gets harder and harder – but they persevere. Jack and Grace are determined to make it work, and despite a couple of close calls with the paparazzi, things are looking good. That is, until the red carpet Hollywood premier of Jack’s movie – when Grace and Jack are finally (kinda) linked together and Grace’s emotional walls implode. And in one fail swoop, Grace breaks Jack’s heart, breaks her own heart, ruins his big night, and sends Jack in a downward spiral, successfully ticking off her best friend, Holly, to a degree she never has before. She definitely earns her nickname, Nuts Girl. Fortunately, after some soul searching, butt kicking (of her own butt), and some help from her friends, Grace finally pulls her head out of her derriere and pulls out all the stops to win back her man.


One of the things I liked about this book is that Clayton pulls no punches in showing just how illogical we women can be. There is no doubt that Grace loves Jack. It’s equally obvious that Jack loves Grace. Yet Grace, who knows the game, lets the press and the fans’ comments get to her. She succumbs to her irrational fear about the age difference between her and Jack, the fear that he’ll wake up and realize that he can do younger and better, the fear that she doesn’t deserve happiness, and she perpetrates a spectacular act of self-sabotage to reinforce all her fears. Seriously crazy! Thankfully for all involved, Jack loves her to distraction, and while he did not fare well after their breakup, he loved her so much that he was willing to give her a second chance, and she was smart enough to take it. Jack’s speech about how it’s not just him that has to accept her crazy behaviors, that her accepting him as he is, quirks and all, is why they’re perfect together, was beautiful. I also liked that while this is the second book in the series, Clayton did not attempt to put Grace and Jack on the path to their happily ever after in The Redhead Revealed. They still have bridges to cross and obstacles to overcome, so I cannot wait to start The Redhead Plays Her Hand to see how that hand plays out.


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