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The Last Favor

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Three years ago Andrew Wilson and Flynn Barnett were in a relationship, until Flynn made a mistake that nearly cost Andrew his life. Andrew walked away from the FBI, his home, and his partner, and started over back in Montreal, running a restaurant.

Fast forward to the present and Andrew is knee-deep in preparations for his sister’s wedding. When an ex-colleague calls to ask for one last favor, the last person he expects to walk through his door is Flynn, in need of a place to stay. Only thing is, Andrew can’t say no.

Two weeks of wedding hijinks bring back all the old feelings that have simmered below the surface. Caught in a cycle of fighting and making up, the two men try to figure out if there’s anything they can salvage. And even if there is, Andrew can’t be sure this time will be any different. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This 125 page novella is made up of two vignette both set in the past, but with chopped information that is needed to set up the body of the book that is set in present day.

I have to be honest, I had high hopes for this story, but it really fell flat for me.

The first vignette, I call it that because it starts and stops so quickly, and while we get them meeting, there is not much else.

Then, the second one takes place about a year later, another snap shot of Andrew and Flynn living together in some sort of messy but happy bliss.

Then the body starts three years later… After Andrew walks out of his life and his love and never looks back.

See this is the part that bothers me,  Yeah, Flynn scared him with his dramatic take down, but if you look at the big picture you got it. And as an FBI agent Andrew should have seen that. Instead, he throws a tantrum and walks away from a  job he loves, and a man he claims he loves with ever bit of his heart, really, really?. And really the FBI is just going to let him walk away….

Then we have Flynn, same thing, loves him but just lets it go for three years?!

Maybe a week to calm down but really? sorry.

The we have this two week period, in which all parties involve seriously dislike Flynn but allow him to stick around.

But during this time Flynn and Andrew rekindle. Now I did like this grovel, rekindle part, when we FINALLY got to learn about these two people who are supposed to be in love, but for me too little too late.



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