To Live Again (The Distance Between Us #6) by L.A. Witt #mm #review @GallagherWitt

To Live Again

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The heart doesn’t take requests. It calls the tune.

Greg Douglas’s wife surprised him with an early 25th anniversary gift: a divorce. Staying with friends Ethan and Rhett seems like a good idea, just until he gets back on his feet. The guys have an even better idea to take his mind off his troubles—take him out to explore the other half of his bisexuality.

After a quarter century suppressing his hidden desires, he’s not waiting any longer. Especially not after laying eyes on the gorgeous deejay at Wilde’s.

Deejay and single dad Sailo Isaia isn’t looking for anything serious. He’s definitely not out to be a sexual teacher, never mind to a man almost two decades his senior. But as Greg gets the hang of having a male lover, Sailo can’t help himself. They both keep coming back for more. And more. And more.

But a few nagging questions hold Sailo back from giving his whole heart. Is this just Greg’s midlife crisis and rebound fling? Or a chance to fill that empty space—forever—for both Sailo and his beloved son?
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Contains an older guy who’s waited half his life for this, a younger guy who didn’t realize how lonely he was, and some very hot visits to the upstairs VIP lounge at Wilde’s. Author is not responsible for readers who can no longer look at a leather booth the same way again.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Greg’s world has been shaken to its very roots, he has been living in denial for a long time.  Now that his divorce is almost final, his friends decide to take him out to a gay club.  So he can finally work through the feelings he has been denying for so many years.  What Greg never expected was to meet the gorgeous deejay Sailo.

Sailo working as a deejay at the club when he meets this guy, Greg ,  he is really nice and they seem to mesh right away.  Greg is just out of a long marriage, And is not even sure if he is gay.  Sailo is fine with being a rebound guy, a friend with benefits as long as things stay easy and not serious.

Greg is falling faster and deeper for Sailo, he is not sure where things are going but he knows that he looks forward to talking to him everyday.  When Sailo and Greg meet up with some of Greg’s family they get along great.  But shortly after Sailo pulls away and stops their relationship completely.   Greg is confused and hurt trying to understand why.  Can Greg and Sailo work out there problems and work things out?

This book is entertaining and more fun to read then I thought it would be.   When dealing with divorce and coming out to friends and family it must be really difficult but the character Greg showed honor and maturity that I wish was more prevalent these days. He dealt with his pain and hurt, but doesn’t bad mouth his ex-wife.  Sailo is not afraid to own his emotions and admit when he’s scared.  Overall a great read that had me laughing out loud.



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