Deep Deliverance (Deep #3) by Z.A. Maxfield #mm #review @ZAMaxfield

Deep Deliverance

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Forever is a long time. Even for a vampire.

Deep, Book 3

When Adin Tredeger discovers his lover Donte’s role in turning him into a vampire, he’s outraged. The opportunity to attend Ned Harwiche’s funeral is perfect for putting some distance between them, but as a newly turned vampire, he mustn’t go alone.

Cristobel Santos—one of Donte’s lifelong enemies—and an attractive Irish vampire named Sean offer to chaperone his trip. They are as determined to help him as he is to reject their aid.

While Adin fights his new reality he’s kidnapped by rogue hunters and used as a lab rat in some skin-searing experiments. Adin’s distress electrifies his connection to Donte, but rescue is only the beginning…

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Hot vampires, spoiled teens, big cat shifters, and two men trying to figure out how to squeeze several lifetimes’ worth of love into every moment of their big, fat eternity. Ouch…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

When Maxfield originally released the first two books in this series, it was called The Hours Trilogy; however, when the first two books were rereleased, the series was renamed the Deep series, and with Deep Deliverance being a previously unreleased book in the series, I have no idea if the author plans to add more to the series or keep this as a trilogy. You may ask why this even matters in a review, and I’ll tell you why … Deep Deliverance ended in such a way that it could serve as the series end or serve as Adin and Donte’s life together finally beginning. And I want MORE!!!


If you haven’t read book two, Deep Deception, part of this review may seem spoilerish, but if you read the blurb, I’m not discussing anything that isn’t revealed there. At the end of book two, Adin had just been turned and Donte was dealing with Boaz’s betrayal. In the beginning of Deep Deliverance, we are met with an Adin who is having a difficult time adjusting to life as a vampire. He’s refusing to feed from humans, worried that doing so will “steal” what’s left of his humanity, and is barely surviving on second-hand feedings via Donte and the occasional animal’s blood. But Adin’s world comes crashing down when he learns that Boaz did not act of his own accord in his turning and that Donte likely ordered it done, albeit indirectly. Stinging from Donte’s betrayal, angry about his heart’s refusal to stop loving the man who betrayed him, and receiving an offer of help from Santos, Adin leaves Donte behind in Colorado to attend Harwiche’s funeral in Los Angeles. As we’ve come to learn, Adin seems to be a trouble magnet, so it’s not surprising that he ends up finding himself in a bad situation more than once in this installment. Unfortunately, Donte isn’t able to come to his rescue every time and Adin and Donte suffer the consequences – some which nearly destroy Adin, emotionally and physically, leaving him to wonder if he’s really cut out for an eternity of being a vampire.


One of the things that was difficult to reconcile was the change that Adin undergoes as a vampire. Most vampire stories and legends share a similar premise that a newly turned vampire is like a child – poor impulse control and prone to tantrums and high emotions. Unfortunately, Adin fit this bill too well, and it was hard to see the well-spoken doctor devolve into a petulant toddler. I felt badly for Adin when this occurred because it was a clear sign that he was not coping with the change well. But I also felt awful for Donte because he had to watch the man he loved spiral downward, putting Donte in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario, knowing that whatever he did would be the wrong thing. It was also frustrating to see the lengths to which Donte would go for Adin because he loved Adin so much and yet Adin couldn’t see it because his thoughts were consumed by the little things. Maxfield does pack a lot of action and intrigue into this installment, and it left my head constantly reeling as plots and information were revealed. I was glued to my Kindle, reading the book in one sitting, because I had to know how it was all going to play out. I really, really hope that the author has more books in this series planned because I’ve really enjoyed spending time with Adin, Donte, and the rest of the characters I’ve met along the way. If not, I look forward to the reread as I have thoroughly enjoyed the Deep series.


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