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The Bridge

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Everett Hallman might not be the world’s most powerful witch, but he does his part by helping wayward souls find their way to the beyond. Then a feeling Everett can’t explain lures him away from the magical woods near his house, to a local martial arts school. There, he is intrigued when he uncovers remains left by supernatural beings of enormous power, and he cannot resist looking into the mystery.

Everett learns he is a Bridge Master: a witch capable of passing into different spirit realms, but his revelation comes with a new set of problems. First, the powerful witch instructing him disappears, and then he notices something strange about his attractive new friend from the martial arts studio. Worst of all, Everett’s reserves of spell-casting energy continue to deplete. Only one thing is certain—Everett cannot turn his back on this puzzle until he gets some answers. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Guest ReviewerTAG

As a 17-year old reader, I found the Bridge to be a really interesting story and had me caught into it almost immediately. It is about a boy named Everett who is a witch living with his grandfather in small town called Ashville.


He is not a powerful witch, but he is working to become stronger and helps spirits go to the afterworld with his Grandfather. Everett is practicing his magic and it leads him to a martial arts school where he first lays his eyes on Bryce who is a teacher, or more a helper to the teacher, at the school.


From there, his power grows and so does his relationship with Bryce. Personally, I fell in love with Everett and Bryces story and it really felt like love and not lust. It wasn’t forced and actually kept the plot going instead of it being shoehorned in like most stories I’ve read.


The story over all was easy to read and I was able to visualize what was going on. It wasn’t very comedic, but there were moments that had me laughing, most involving a jellyfish and others with Everett trying to explain what is going on to Bryce without revealing the truth of him being a witch. There were other monsters in the book but they were normally called “hybrids” and never an exact name.


The climax did seem pretty small compared to the build up but was pretty good and lead to a good ending. There were really good twist to the story that did help it out in the end and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Also there were not many cliches used and if any were done in a different way the kept the plot going. Overall, I found the story fun to read, kept me interested, and made me wish there were going to be more books to come.


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