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Finding Family

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When you find your family, you’ll do anything to keep it.

When Charles Macquarrie inherits a fortune and an international clothing company, he also inherits three young cousins he desperately needs help raising. By a stroke of luck, he discovers and hires Jonathan Lamb, who spent his life in a children’s home due to chronic illness, to be his nanny.

If Jon thought a budding romance with his wealthy boss complicated his life, he has no idea of the hardships awaiting him when he’s charged with embezzlement and kidnapping. But even when threatened by accounting discrepancies and mob connections, Jon and Charles won’t let go of the family they’ve built together without a fight.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Liz Cat

Finding Family by Connie Bailey is a cute romance novel where the billionaire falls in love with the nanny. Along with Charles Macquarrie’s business and money, he is entrusted with the care of his nieces and nephew. Unfortunately, he has far less interest in the latter than the former. Enter Jonathan Lamb the happy-go- lucky and virginal.

Bailey spins an adorably predictable tale of finding love you didn’t know you were searching for. Jonathan, Jon, is the ray of sunshine Charles and the children needed in their lives. He was a sweet character who was reminiscent of Maria in The Sound of Music – right down to his former life in a convent.

I must say, his relationship with Charles did not form as organically as it could have. Still, the book was a nice escape from reality. If you enjoy a M/M version of classic stories, don’t miss Finding Family. Four stars.


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