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John’s said no in the past, but now he has a chance at forever—if he can move past his doubts and say yes.

John Weston’s misspent youth has left him a more cautious man, one who doesn’t dare take a risk. He works, comes home, and every day seems like the one before. It’s what he deserves—it’s all he deserves. That’s what he’s convinced himself.

Added to his past mistakes, John has struggled with depression off and on for years. He keeps to himself, but he might come to realize that his reasons for doing so aren’t what he believed them to be.

One man appears, and John’s going to have to figure out why he prefers to hide from life, and if he’s ready to reach for something more.

Benji Marks, with his beautiful eyes and bright smile, makes John want things he never thought he could have.

Nothing comes easy, and heartbreak is a risk that John must weigh as he tries to sort out who he is and why he’s made the choices he’s made in the past.

Publisher’s Note: This book is also available as a five part serial.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So, as I started reading this I came to realize (with someone’s help) that I’ve read it before. It was a good story the first time around and to be able to read it complete start to finish instead of piece by piece was nice.

The downside was I remembered it so completely so found myself not giving it the full attention I would have a new  to me book.

John, doesn’t take risks. He lives through he’s BBF, who does. Until the BBF screwed up the best thing he may ever have. John has been suffering from depression so is careful and his family is careful.

Now John finds himself face to face with Benji, a pushy, and not so likable guy. I have to add, I was not a fan of Benji either time around. he does grow on you, though.

As John and Benji navigate the new relationship, John decides to stretch his wings and try some one night stands. You know how they say opposites attract, that’s how I saw these two. Complete opposites but worked well together.

Did this book have any other agenda other than two people finding each other and love, no I don’t think so. But I didn’t need more.


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