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Welcome to the blog tour and giveaway for my newest release, Wolf en Garde. For those that haven’t been following along already, I’ve been taking these opportunities to introduce, or in some cases re-introduce, the characters and places found in the story through tiny teasers from the novel. For those of you that have been following and already know that, welcome back, and thank you for your patience while I repeat myself again and again!


I’m pretty excited for this next teaser, and I’m thrilled to be doing it here on Crystal’s Many Reviewers. Thank you, as always, to Crystal and the Crew for the opportunity. J


However, before I get any further, I want to remind you that in appreciation for you joining me, I’m running a giveaway that will get one lucky winner their very own signed, print copy of Wolf en Garde, a sterling silver (nickel and lead-free) Howling Wolf Bangle, and a $20 gift certificate to the Less Than Three Press book market! Be sure to read to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter.


Now, back to the post, and to my pleasure at finally being able to introduce you to Rafe. I hope you like him as much as I do.



Tiny Teaser: Introducing – Rafe


The car was gone when they got back to the townhouse. Henry was either out by himself, or both Henry and Mary were still out. Either way, the house was silent and nobody came out to investigate when Lyle and Rafe slipped up the stairs to the third floor. Lyle offered Rafe a towel, a T-shirt and pajama pants that Lyle had no doubt Rafe would swim in, and showed Rafe to the shower. Thirty minutes later Rafe was sprawled on Lyle’s bed and sleeping so deeply that Lyle wanted to poke him and make sure he was still alive.


With the dirt pried out of his fingernails and the oil stripped out of his hair, Rafe was far more attractive than when he’d been standing in the street trying to hold himself up. The curls in his hair no longer hung like lackluster squiggles but sprung wildly in a charming tangle. He had a long, prominent nose and eyelashes that seemed to go on forever. The toes on his bare feet and the fingers that gripped the sheets were long and as thin as the rest of him. He couldn’t have been more than five-eight, tops, but stretched out across Lyle’s bed, he had as much presence as a towering angel. The white sheets against his skin made his coloring seem that much darker and Lyle had to imagine that once the grayness left his face, Rafe would be damn attractive. An odd combination, really—the olive skin, the dark hair, and the blue eyes. Middle-Eastern, probably, but with a little spike of something else. It was pretty. Like a sparrow with blue eyes.


“That’s what I’m going to call you,” Lyle told the sleeping Rafe. “It you keep calling me Wolf, then I’m going to start calling you Sparrow.”


Thinking long-term now, Vaughn’s voice rang through his head. You don’t think that’s a little presumptuous?


He watched the reflection of the sun through his bedroom window as it crossed the floor. Sometimes he paced, sometimes he tried to read, but he spent most of the time fighting away the urge to seek out someone, anyone, and hand this entire mess over to them. The ranger would be the most likely candidate, but Rafe had been insistent that that was most definitely not the route to take. He debated bringing the issue to Mary—she’d have all kinds of contacts that might be able to help—but that idea made him feel nauseous. One of the few people left in the world who had faith in him, and he wanted to blow that faith out of the water and admit that he’d done exactly what he was sure his father thought he was going to do: fuck up. Even though Lyle knew there was a good chance that he’d saved Rafe’s life, he also knew that a string of bad choices had brought him there. And if he believed in his own guilt, how could he possibly convince anyone else of his innocence? He wanted to believe that he’d done what his father would have done in the same situation, but knowing how quickly Vaughn had thrown him to the GDBCG back in Wolf, he was pretty sure his father would have been seeking out authority figures at this point.


I wish you were here.


Wolf, en Garde Excerpt

© AF Henley, 2016




Wolf en Garde Front Cover

Wolf, en Garde


Three years ago Lyle made a mistake that cost him his freedom, and almost his life. Now, sick to death of watching his father love the man that Lyle wanted, Lyle accepts an offer to leave Wolf, WY behind and see what life in Washington, D.C. can do for him instead.


When Lyle comes across a seductive, attractive stranger with a fascinating yet terrifying view of humanity, he’s more than intrigued. It doesn’t take Lyle long to realize that Arius isn’t just playing games, though, and when Lyle runs across a secret in Arius’ lair he has no choice but to flee, even knowing his actions will enrage Arius.


On the run, with only a psychic’s second sight and his own instinct to help him, Lyle has nowhere to go but home. The only question is, will they have him when he shows up.


Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Notes: Wolf, WY contains some explicit and violent content

Book 2 in the Wolf series


Purchasing Link – save 15% by preordering your copy today! Discount available until May 17th



The Giveaway

Wolf en Garde Giveaway

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Once again, my thanks to Crystal’s Many Reviewers for hosting this tour stop today. It is always an honour and a pleasure to be a guest on your site. J


And a great big thank you to you, my friends, for reading and joining me. Best of luck with the giveaway and I hope you enjoyed the post!


Until next time,


AF Henley <3



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Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica.


A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.


Henley has been proudly publishing with Less Than Three Press since 2012.


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17 thoughts on “Wolf, en Garde Tour Stop! #mm #teaser #giveaway @AFHenley @LT3Press

  • Carolyn

    It was lovely to meet Rafe, but a little funny because we basically just see him sleeping. Great description of him, though. I could picture him perfectly!

    • AF Henley

      You know, I never even thought of that when I posted the teaser. You make an excellent point! (Sorry about that. XD)

      Best of luck with the giveaway and thank you for reading and commenting! <3

  • Jack Frost

    Lyle’s got a boyfriend. Lyle’s got a boyfriend. Or so I believe he would be teased if his siblings found out.

    So Rafe knows he’s a wolf but what is Rafe? Need more information. And if Lyle’s just going to call Rafe what he is, why doesn’t Lyle just call Rafe “Sexy”? I threw that one in for you. 😉

    • AF Henley

      I can’t give you any more info that that, Frosty! It’s a secret. Until you get to that part in the book anyway. XD

      And I can SO see Isaac and Hannah doing that exact thing! Absolutely. 😀

      Thanks again for being part of the tour. Best of luck with the giveaway! <3

  • Shirley Ann Speakman

    What a great teaser I really like Rafe already him seems like a great character. Not long now until the book is released yay!

    • AF Henley

      Thank you! Oh man, it’s so close now, isn’t it? Way too exciting. 😀

      Glad you’re enjoying the tour, Shirley. Best of luck with the giveaway! <3

  • Jen

    Rafe definitely sounds like an interesting (and gorgeous) addition to the cast. Thanks for the excerpt!

  • Lavender Wynter

    Now that’s a teaser. While I can picture Rafe, I don’t know anything about him that I want! I’m going to have to catch up on my sleep so I can read this as soon as it gets here… which is *looks at Calendar*… SOON! YAY!

    *points at her front door* You hear that! Extermination of cold/flus/other viruses begins tomorrow! I got a book to read!


  • Raphael

    The perfect excerpt to introduce Rafe! 😀

    But one thing remains a mystery to me, buddy. I know that Lyle is distracted by fear and worries and not just because of what his father might do or think.

    But how does Lyle manage to remain so calm with such a young, hot god sprawled out on his bed? 😉

    I mean, look! Curly hair! 😉

    Thank you very much for sharing another part of your striking new novel! 😀


    • AF Henley

      I have NO idea, my friend! But I’m kind of glad that thoughts of his father are miles away at the moment. LOL

      You’re very welcome and thank YOU! <3

  • H.B.

    Not much on Rafe here but Lyle’s strong impression of him which in itself really says a lot.

    • AF Henley

      Thanks, H.B.! You’re right, there’s not. I didn’t want to give too much away. XD

      But I’m glad you found Lyle’s impressions to be enough! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Best of luck with the giveaway! <3

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