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Explosives are Walker’s specialty, but he’s never handled anything as combustible as his enemy, Jade Huntington.

Goddammit. All I want to do is blow shit up. Is that too much to ask? But, no. What I get is mission frigging impossible in the middle of a Beirut hotbed. I’m the renegade of Operation T-Zone, but this time I swear I’m gonna do things by the book. That is, until Jade Huntington’s involvement in my op causes a brand new snafu.

My tribal name means desperate warrior, and that’s exactly what I am for reasons I can’t outrun. And Jade? She’s personal enemy number one. An incredibly sexy one at that. But she’ll never find out just how desperate I am for her.

I’m not an assassin, even though I am badass. I’m a protector. Except when it comes to Walker. What I wouldn’t give to bore a bullet through his stubborn skull. We’ve been at each other’s throats for years, this time I’m determined to leave him in the dust after I shoot a few holes in him.

We’re forced to work together when Walker practically kidnaps me and my package: the woman I’m guarding, the target he’s assigned to take out.

Days on the run. Nights of enforced closeness. Fighting side by side. Ever-present danger ignites a desire I can’t control. But the endgame is so perilous Walker and I might not make it out alive.

Four X-Ops alpha men. Four feisty wicked women. Four books you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Bad Boys of X-Ops.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGAngela_s PonderingsTAG

As much as I love Warren’s writing, it took me a while to get into Walker. Not because of the writing or the characters, but rather because I haven’t been in the mood for a military romance. Despite the fact that Walker has never been in the military or that the “crew” isn’t military based, they’re ultimately a special ops team and that gives the book a military romance feel. With that said, Warren’s writing and the cast of characters she has created for this series eventually pulled me in (once I got over myself) and I found myself flying through the book as the action, romance, and hot as heck sex kept me glued to my Kindle.


As I didn’t finish the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series, this was my first introduction to Walker (at least I believe it was), and thanks to a failed terrorist attack, it went off with a bang. Even though he’s not military, Walker has a boss he has to answer to, but he cottons on quickly that things are not as they seem and his target soon becomes an asset to protect, just as his nemesis becomes his partner. Fortunately for the reader, his nemesis is a badass in her own right and they become partners in more than one way. And it is hot!!! Warren does a great job of tempering the fast-paced, action-packed mission scenes with the developing romance. Having a front-row seat to Walker dealing with his past was heartbreaking, but it was a relief to learn that he was the one piling on the blame. The final showdown was intense. I couldn’t read fast enough to find out who was going to make it out alive and who wasn’t going to make it out at all.


I really enjoyed Walker. I could feel the sexual tension between Walker and Jade, and I could feel it intensify during and after skirmishes, just as would be expected with the adrenaline rushes that accompanied fighting for their lives. Because of this, I appreciated that the author timed the sex scenes as she did. While it was amusing (and effective) that Walker was able to shut Jade up with a kiss, I was relieved that those heated kisses didn’t tip over into more when the bullets were literally flying. And yes, I have actually read books where that has happened. Walker was a great way to start of the Bad Boys of X-Ops series and can easily be enjoyed by those new to Warren’s writing without having to read either of the related series. That said, I really need to find some time to finish the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series just so I’m all caught up on the action. But until then, I’m off to read Justice.


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Walker is a friend of Hunter, from the author’s Bad Boys of Retribution MC series. They used to work together and Walker is one bad ass dude! Jade is his adversary and his equal, but she works for the British Ops on the same mission. The only difference is that she wants to protect the “asset” and Walker was sent to take the asset out. Only, the asset is the wife of a Lebanese terrorist who Intel said WAS the terrorist.

The sexual tension between these two is OFF THE CHARTS HOT!!! Not only do they turn each other on, but the passion and intensity between these two when they fight, have sex, argue, or do anything is intense! Walker’s humor and dialogue managed to crack me up…love the sarcasm coming from such a strong alpha male! In order to protect their captive/asset, Walker takes Jade, Madge (the wife of the terrorist), and himself back to his Native American reservation to hide out from the authorities. It is there that he faces his demons, gives his whole heart to Jade, and learns what is important in life. Jade surprises Walker by doing something that destroys him, but rectifies it in the end. I didn’t see that coming, but it played out well and created the angst I adore.

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this book and the beginning of this series! We even got a glimpse of the Retribution crew! I was patiently waiting for the release of this book and let me tell you, the wait was worth it! Rie Warren has become one of my favorite must buy authors!  Next up is Justice’s story and I’m just as excited to dive into that one!


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