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May Post

Okay, who all is excited for May? Nobody? Yeah. It’s usually one of those months that sits somewhere between the Excitement of Spring and the awe of Summer. (okay, if you’re in school, May might mean something exciting to you.)

I usually overlook it. This month, however, I’ve got a new book coming out, so I can’t quite do that.

But May is truly a ‘kick off’ for summer, isn’t it? All the Summer Blockbusters are gearing up for the big screen. Books are being advertised everywhere getting you ready for Summer Reading programs.

So what are you doing for May? Fake baking? Bathing suit shopping?

I am:

Getting ready for Becoming Rafe to be released.

Trying to ignore the heatwave that hit today – 90 degrees? Eww.

Getting past Mother’s Day because holidays that are over-sensationalized bug me. I can show my mom my gratitude the other 364 days of the year.

Learning new computer programs.

Learning new meditation techniques – I’m on a program to meditate for 40 days straight. Woot!

Finishing up a submission for an advent calendar. I’ve not succeeded before, but hopefully I’ll get my story in this year 🙂

So come on. What are you preparing for this month? Share with us 😀