If You Can’t Take the Heat by Melissa Brown #mf #review @LissaLou77

If You Can't Take the Heat

Whitney Bartolina gets what she wants. At just thirty-four, she’s worked her way up from mailroom coordinator to casting director at a major Los Angeles television network and had a string of steamy flings, most recently with movie star Nolan Rivera. But when two of the contestants she casts on a new reality cooking show turn out to be as talented in the bedroom as they are in the kitchen, Whitney may have finally bitten off more than she can chew.

Conducting auditions across the country and looking for a bit of fun after Nolan, Whitney finds it in Chicago with Charlie Hutchins, a deliciously handsome British rugby-player-turned-chef whose spicy Szechuan beef is only the start of his sizzle. Then, in Montana, close encounters with sexy but mild-mannered cowboy and restaurateur Wes Rancourt leave her mouth watering for more.

Back in LA for filming, Whitney soon finds herself caught in a love square with Charlie, Wes, and Nolan, who’s stopping at nothing to win her back. Will she jeopardize her career by mixing business with pleasure, or can she turn up the heat without getting burned?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Whitney is a professional casting director who is tasked with finding contestants for a cooking reality show and has to travel to different parts of the country in order to find the right people. Her boyfriend isn’t a fan and she breaks things off with him before leaving. While traveling, she meets Charlie and then Wes, and then hooks up with each one. Eventually, Whitney has to decide which man she wants to be with and which of the three (her ex, Nolan, Charlie, or Wes). Each one brings something different to the relationship and each one brings out something in Whitney that the other can’t.

I found the idea of a strong, independent, professional woman hooking up with different men to be enjoyable. Normally, we see this happen the other way around and I liked that Whitney wasn’t afraid to put herself out there. I did not like that she would party and get drunk to hook up, but that’s my own issue. Each man represented a part of Whitney’s life that she wanted and could have. One was funny. One was serious. And, one was comfortable.

I really enjoyed this take on the Hollywood “casting couch” and the way it ended with who Whitney picked.


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