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Reverend Brian Lucas has a secret his congregation in the Nine Mile Methodist Church knows nothing about, and he’d really like to keep it that way. But even his earth-shattering secret takes a backseat to what else is happening in his tiny hometown.

Murders usually do that.

Brian’s “close friend,” Sam, is urging a resolution to their little problem, but Brian’s brother, Boyd, the County Sheriff, is more caught up in chasing down a homicidal maniac who is slaughtering little old ladies.

When Brian’s secret and Boyd’s mystery run into each other head on, and Boyd’s fifteen-year-old son, Jesse, gets involved, all hell breaks loose. Then a fourth death comes to terrify the town, and it is Brian who begins to see what is taking place in their little corner of the Corn Belt. But even for a Methodist minister, it will take more than prayer to set it right.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE John Inman fan, have been for years. Had me at big burly drag queens (no drag queens in this book).

This book is very different, just to show us his amazing word smith capabilities. From stories about drag queens and lost souls to, well, tiny towns, small minds and a devotion of a father and son like nothing you’ve seen.

We’ve a lot of players in this story, you can’t really cast any as the story MC just because in my opinion it wouldn’t be a story with out any of them. From Brian who seems to be the story teller, to Sam, the best friend and more to Brian, but has a minor role, but that being said w/o him it would be incomplete. The elder Aunt that knows all the skeletons, to the Grandfather and the list goes on.

This tale is woven over a summer when these two boys should be finding friendship, worship and love. Instead murder is making the way through the town. As we follow along with the who – done – tale, we get immerse in a life of simpler times. Only if it could stay that way.

Loved this narrator, not sure if I’ve heard him before? But will keep an eye and ear out from now on.


Story 5

narrator 5

overall 5

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