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Cass Harper has given up on her romantic ideal. She has secretly longed for a man who enjoys her company, respects her intellect, thinks she is beautiful, and is prepared to spank her bottom scarlet when he thinks she needs it. All that has gotten her is heartbreak.

When learning of her ex-fiancé’s plans to use her money to take his new love to Paris, Cass has had enough. An invitation from an online fan has her deciding that it is about time to pull her big- girl panties up and step outside her comfort zone. Stunning photos of the Alaskan wilderness promise her an adventure; the prospect of meeting the considerate and strong Killian Nelson, owner of Slick Trench Outfitters, offers her far more.

All Cass needs to do is overcome a few obstacles… such as reclaiming her livelihood from her carbophobic ex-fiancé who has hijacked her food blog, convince herself that Killian’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend isn’t competition, find a missing elderly friend—and, as if that’s not enough, she also needs to stay away from the bears and wolves that call Alaska home.

Only after Cass begins to recognize her own worth is she able to build the life she has dreamed of. Oh, but remember those big-girl panties she’s pulled up? What will her reaction be when she learns that naughty girls find their panties pulled down when going over an Alaskan’s lap?

Roasted is a witty, sexy story of self-discovery. It features excerpts from the fictional CassCooks by Cass Harper and some non-fictional recipes that you are going to want to try.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

I actually read Roasted about a month ago and am just now writing up the review. I read it because I was offered book two, but with Shannon being a new-to-me author, I didn’t want to agree to read book two without knowing if I enjoyed the author’s writing style. While I actually found the spanking aspects of the novella a little problematic (I’ll address why later), I loved the author’s writing style. I found myself laughing out loud numerous times while reading Roasted and, after spending time in Cass’s world, was happy that this was only the beginning of a series.


I found Cass very easy to relate to. She’s a curvy gal who enjoys cooking and enjoys blogging about it even more. Unfortunately for Cass, her fiancé was unable to handle the fact that Cass’s cooking blog soon outshined his fitness blog and dumped her for a thinner ex-model. The end of her engagement is made worse by the fact that she & Stephen are business partners and he’s decided to bring his new girl in on the business and take the two of them to France for a wine tasting. So, in a fit of melancholy, anger, and extreme irritation, she books a last minute trip to Alaska to check out huckleberries, thanks to a well-timed message from a blog follower. As Cass embarks on a trip to Alaska while her business relationship implodes, she finds not only herself, but a man who gets her blood boiling the right way – Killian Nelson. Not only does Killian prove to be exactly what Cass needs (including a trip over his knee), but his family, their lodge, and Slick Trench, Alaska may be exactly what Cass has been looking for.


I absolutely LOVED the humor in Roasted. I found myself laughing loudly and often as I read the novella. There were far more laughs than I would have expected from a novel of its length, and they were naturally occurring scenes of humor instead of contrived ones. The chemistry and connection between Cass and Killian was obvious, but the recent blow to her self-esteem Cass received from her ex made it hard for her to accept that Killian could be attracted to her. While I found the spanking scenes hot, I thought they occurred way too soon in the relationship. The first time Killian yanked Cass over his knee, I was “Whoa, dude! Slow down.” There was no permission, no discussion, it was just Killian’s innate instinct to spank being brought to the fore by extremely reckless behavior by Cass. Did she deserve the spanking? Probably. But there was no agreement in place before it happened and it just felt rushed, even taking into consideration that this is a novella. Fortunately, because this is a book, everything worked out in the end (pun intended) and left me ready for book two, Relished, to find out what’s next for Cass and Killian.


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I live in the American midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny(well, I try).
I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to
that one special man.