Save Me (The Voodoo Dolls #1) by Penny Brandon #mm #review @loveunleashed

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From the first moment Steve sees Nathan, he knows he’s in trouble. First, Nathan looked just like the doll he’d found on his bed, and second, Steve couldn’t stop thinking how it would feel having Nathan in his arms and under his body. He’s never desired anyone so strongly before, and he’s reluctant to show it, but then Nathan gives him something he hadn’t been conscious of wanting. Stunned, he craves more, but starts to worry what he feels might not be real.

Alone and vulnerable after being dumped by his ex, Nathan longs for the security of being in a relationship. With no money, no job, and now a Voodoo Doll out to kill him, Nathan doesn’t think things could get any worse, but then he starts falling for Steve. Problem is, it doesn’t look like Steve feels the same way. Even after Steve finally lets Nathan in, Steve unexpectedly withdraws, refusing to explain why.

Unable to cope with another rejection, Nathan succumbs to the evil of the doll. Steve realizes he needs to own up to his feelings, but are they enough to save Nathan?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This book depression on a whole new level. Who knew, take your pills people, take your pills.

Steve has been just coping with life since leaving home and getting this job and apartment. And now he has a neighbor that wont turn the music down.

Nathan, has not been doing well since the BF walked out.

When these two finally meet, its not under the best circumstances and just gets worse. But they have each other, or do they?

This book is teaching us all about communication, or lack of it. If these two would talk, tell the feelings, even the lady at the end muck up the instructions. So the moral is talk…. and take your pills…

Together Nathan and Steve do make a good couple and I would like to see how they get on in the future, not just the HFN we are left with.


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