Rag and Bone (Rag and Bone #1) by K.J. Charles #mm #review @kj_charles

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It’s amazing what people throw away…

Crispin Tredarloe never meant to become a warlock. Freed from his treacherous master, he’s learning how to use his magical powers the right way. But it’s brutally hard work. Not everyone believes he’s a reformed character, and the strain is putting unbearable pressure on his secret relationship with waste-man Ned Hall.

Ned’s sick of magic. Sick of the trouble it brings, sick of its dangerous grip on Crispin and the miserable look it puts in his eyes, and sick of being afraid that a gentleman magician won’t want a street paper-seller forever—or even for much longer.

But something is stirring among London’s forgotten discards. An ancient evil is waking up and seeking its freedom. And when wild magic hits the rag-and-bottle shop where Ned lives, a panicking Crispin falls back onto bad habits. The embattled lovers must find a way to work together—or London could go up in flames.

This story is set in the world of the Charm of Magpies series.

Warning: Contains a warlock who needs to go straight (but isn’t), a waste-man running out of patience, blood magic, bad-tempered justiciars, and a pen with a mind of its own.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So, I read the first one ages ago. And honestly I think I remembered some of the names (no reflection of the marvelous book, it’s just that long and lots of books in between. And my memory is horrible)

This one Crispin is trying to be a good Warlock after being taken at a young age and through an old master shown things better left alone. Now no one really trusts him. And he’s having issues.

Ned met Crispin right before his old master was found out and they have been buddys ever since.

Crispin and Ned make an interesting pair. Ned thinks he’s below Crispin station and not worthy,and Crispin  just wants to become with his magic and love Ned. Simple.

Problem is someone has designs on Crispin and these two bumble there way around London solving a crime hundreds of years in the making. We’ve got it all singing bottles, zombie (of a sort) cute one liners. Bodies burning, and a HFN ending to be all court ruling endings.



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