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The Millionaire Upstairs (Audio)

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He might be hard to work for, but he’s impossible to resist.

Sasha Sobieski has the perfect job working at legendary American fashion house Harrison Kingsley—or at least he used to. He just never thought he’d have to work for Harrison Kingsley himself. Harrison is exacting, difficult, cold, and hands-down the sexiest man Sasha has ever seen.

After years at the top, Harrison Kingsley knows what he wants, when he wants it, and exactly how he’d like it to be delivered to him. What he wants most right now? His new assistant. Sasha is mouthy, opinionated, and he drives Harrison mad. Problem is, Harrison can never tell if it’s with anger… or desire.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Okay, so I read the book first. Was not overly excited by it.

But wanted to give the audio a chance, for one the narrator is becoming one of my favorites and two I’ve found that even though I’ve not liked the book, the audio blows me away.

With this one however, I still found Harrison a pompous SOB and Sasha too whiny for my liking.   Also unlike the book, this time I keyed into the sister more, and found I also didn’t care for her. Maybe it was a sibling growing up rich and spoiled thing but Harrison and Joanna both came over too much for me. Kudos to Rusty, the narrator for that!

Because this was read to me, I was able to really delve into the words this time, and what I found or didn’t find was the reasoning on why? Why did this middle American boy get offered this high profile job, why is he so hung up on this guy, why does he put up with this boss? All these questions are offered up, but never answered.

You get why Harrison and Joanna are the way they are. Money, title, prestige, if not rained in early enough will spoil the child/adult.

The redemption of characters at the end was nice, but for me too little too late.

The narrator, really saved this for me. Rusty, has a great voice and does multi charterers brilliantly.

Book 3

Narrator 4

overall 4


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