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MA Church


I’m often asked what inspired me to write my first book. I was surfing the net, looking for free short stories. I ran across a free reading site and stumbled across the Gay Male section. I was hooked. Somehow I’d missed this genre. I scrounge around there, reading every single story I could find. There were some very good ones, and some very, very bad ones, lol. After reading there for half a year, I decided to try my hand at writing a story.

What finally pushed me into publishing was winning a winter-themed contest at that site several years ago. I’d been writing The Harvest series there. So I wrote a Christmas story having to do with the characters from Harvest and entered it. To my shock, it won first place. What’s significant about that was this was not a M/M contest. Most of the entries were M/F, actually. That helped make my mind up.

20150323_165008_resizedI spent the next year learning all I could about the trade. (That’s not to say I’ve learned all there is. Oh no, lol. Every set of edits tells me that.) Many times, it was painful. Starting this at age forty was not easy. The phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ ran through my head often, but I refused to give up.

Slowly but surely it became easier. I learned. I evolved. I made mistakes. Then Dreamspinner Press contracted one of my books. I screamed so loud when I saw the contract I scared both the cat and the hubby. One of them hissed at me, and no, I’m not saying which one, lol.

When I start a book, I have an idea of the story—a very basic outline. The characters are already talking to me. Or sometimes they’re yelling right in my ear. So, I usually have the Who, When, and Why. As I write, the story tends to build, and What is the concept I’m working on. For example what’s the conflict, what’s their motivation, what the hell are these two doing lol? I’m pretty flexible with a story.

I’ve started out with an idea and have ended up going in a completely different direction. That doesn’t mean I’m always happy with my characters for pulling stunts like that. I’ve also learned resistance is futile. Yes, I’m a Trekkie.

20151024_153426_resizedMy next release will be an audio version of Behind the Eight Ball which is tentatively scheduled for August. The Fur, Fangs, and Felines series is from one of my favorite series outside of The Harvest. While I love scifi, which The Harvest series is, I also write a lot of paranormal. In both series, cats figure prominently. The aliens have cat-like features, and the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series are cat… werecats.

So, yes, a cat owes me. There’s a story there, though. First off, my son is asthmatic, and I have allergies, so we couldn’t have a cat. Several years ago he moved out. That October, on Halloween night no less, this small gray-and-white cat showed up in our garage. I made it clear the cat had to stay outside. One kid had moved out, and the other was going to college. The last thing I wanted was something else to take care of.

That lasted two weeks. I got up one morning to find the hubby had snuck the cat inside. The two of them were on the couch, sound asleep. I took the cat to the vet for shots and starting taking Benadryl. Now, he’s my writing buddy.

~M.A. Church


Fur, Fangs, and Felines series: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=1536

Series blurb:

Life is better with a cat. Or maybe two. How about a werecat who can shift into a sexy man? Sure, they can be tough to understand, meowing at nothing and running off at a moment’s notice. But in a dangerous situation, there’s no better ally, and in bed, they make their lovers purr… as long as they don’t mind an occasional nip or a little bit of kink. The clowder might not trust humans, and no mating is without its challenges, but that won’t stop these cats from finding and claiming their perfect men.


The Harvest series

~The Harvest: Taken

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~The Harvest: Journey’s End (book#2)
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~A Tah’Narian Christmas *Book is free. My way of saying thank you to y’all 🙂

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The Next Generation series


~The Harvest Young: Bound by Fate

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