Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 1: In the Beginning There Was Bauhaus by Bettina Busiello #mf #review @BettinaBusiello


Onyx can smell evil. No one; not even werewolves, wendigos, or vampires, can hide from her once they’ve committed a crime. When Onyx’s paranormal investigation of a local haunting triggers the death of a divorced mother, she is cut short by the provocative Detective Elliot Stevens. Now she must either tempt Elliot astray from his clean-cut, straight-edged path or change her apathetic ways and learn the truth about who and what she is — before what she doesn’t know can kill her.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Onyx is confused, she is sure that she did her job correctly, yet the customer is still dead.  Detective Stevens is humoring her like you would a small child.  She decides that a night out with her friends will help relax her and then she can move on.  Then a gorgeous man walks up and all Onyx can do is gag, he smells like garbage, yet no one else smells it.  It dawns on her it’s a real vampires.  Rome is a vampire who follows the laws set down by his for father’s.  This kind of thing is happening more and more to Onyx, in the last week she has met a werewolf, and a wendigo

Detective Stevens is a normal person who cares about his city and doing his job.   When he runs in to Onyx he is drawn to her even if she is a little out there.  Yet when a new case develops with odd markings outside the goth club Onyx and her friends go to, he becomes Elliot and asks for help.

I really enjoyed Onyx, she is smart and strong, yet still human. She is very protective of her friends and dedicated to helping wherever she can.  With a quirky personality, and dedication to what she sees as her duty she keeps on pushing  forward.

A wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone who loves a well written story that moves quickly and is easy to follow.



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