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Clairvoyant Jake Parker is about to close up for the night when a handsome stranger wanders into his shop, the Witching Well. During his reading, Jake is surprised when a persistent spirit comes through, desperate to communicate. Before Jake can make a real connection between the two, his mysterious customer takes off. The spirit, however, decides to stick around.

Eric Austin is a Boston-area author with a new best seller. But a year ago, he ended his relationship with a closeted man, who died shortly after. Still troubled by unresolved issues, Eric searches for answers. What he finds instead is the Witching Well and Jake—and a little more than he bargained for.

When Jake and Eric meet again by chance, they begin to work together to unravel the mystery of Eric’s ghost, and Jake struggles with his professional duties and his undeniable attraction to Eric.

But even if they can find a way to balance the personal with the professional, a specter from the past just might ruin their chance at a future together.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I always enjoy a book I learn something from. And this one, I learned several things, spirits, how to read them and what not. (of course it could all be made up, but sounds really plausible)

Jake meets Eric, instant connection. Problem is, Eric has someone that won’t let go, and Jake is torn between professional life an personal life.

Eric meets Jake, and all bets are off. He’s never felt like this before and he needs more.

This two make a great team, learning each other, learning the facts of the spirit(s) following Eric. And just not being so shy about dating in general. They both have problems to work through, and once they talk, are willing to sort them out.

The cast that surrounds them is also well done, from the kid Bobby, to Gram. All play important parts making the story flow and work. All the way to the end.


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