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Born into a blue-collar family, John Wells beat the odds and came out a winner. As chief of staff to Patrick Donovan, a US senator and aspiring presidential candidate, he enjoys all the power and privilege of a DC insider. But while riding high on a wave of success, he’s blindsided by a series of betrayals from the people he trusts the most. In the space of a single day, John’s perfect life unexpectedly unravels when his career falters and his marriage implodes. Following a final, devastating blow, John assumes a new identity as “Peter” and flees to Provincetown, where a tight-knit community of eclectic characters slowly transforms him.

Peter finds himself drawn to Danny Cavanaugh, an enigmatic carpenter who is struggling to come to terms with his own troubled past. As they work together to renovate a local landmark, the two men forge an unlikely friendship that blossoms into love and becomes the foundation for a new life they hope to build together. But when a reversal of fortune pulls John back to DC, the treacherous world of politics he thought he’d left behind threatens to destroy his chance at true happiness. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I guess with this being an election year, these types of novels are popping up all over the place. And honestly I’ve been avoiding them because I’m just not that political minded. So when I read this one wasn’t based that strongly in politics I gave it a go.

Couple of things that stood out, again remembering not a political minded person. The Wells character, to me just didn’t have the back bone that one would need to survive in that environment.  By the end of the book, I was so frustrated with him not standing up to well, anyone, I was ready for it to be over. Who would allow that many people push you around, boyfriend, people around town,reporters, etc.

The time he spent in P-town and did the self discovering was entertaining and Danny was a good MC, and held up the rest of the story. But too much was lost with John and his failing around D.C. and not Peter with the self discovery.

Narrator, did a good job keeping it going and did well with the different voices.


Story 3

Narrator 4

Overall 3


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