Complicated (Tainted Love #2.5) by Ghiselle St. James #mf #review @GhiselleStJames


Seven years ago, a secret had torn them apart, but their love always pulled them back together. Things have taken a turn for the worse, and once again, circumstances have brought them together. Can Rachel continue to hide behind her past, or will she stop running from the one man she would love forever? Can Marshall get his girl back, or will it always be a complicated cycle of make ups and break ups?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

There are authors that we love anything they write and Ms. St. James is one of those authors for me. Complicated is book 2.5 in her Tainted Love Series and it is told in the dual POV of Marshall and Rachel. This entire series is dark, twisted, and oh so complicated! Complicated, the story, is just that – full of twists and turns and secrets that kept these two apart and secrets that continue to stand between the pair. But, in the end, their love and attraction is too strong to deny even if things stand in their way.

I don’t remember reading that Marshall was Sullivan/Delilah’s brother in the previous book, but wow! What a shocker! And he had a relationship with Rachel when she was still a minor? WOWZA!! Something happened that tore them apart and then she went on the run with Delilah, her best friend. The threat of Delilah/Sullivan being found kept them away and made it easy for Rachel to move on with her life. We also learn the dynamic of Rachel’s relationship with her parents and how she grew to become so close to her best friend and family.

My only complaint is THAT ENDING!! How am I supposed to wait to find out what happened?!?!? This book and the entire series are amazing, wonderful, and so well done that I am forever a fan of this author!


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