Coke’s Clown (Roughstock #4) by B.A. Tortuga #mm #review @batortuga @PridePublishing

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How does Dillon take care of Coke when Coke’s destroying himself?

Bullfighter Coke is having a rough time in the Roughstock universe.

When his dear friend Sam Bell is injured at the finals of the bull riding season, he takes that and his injuries pretty hard. His very own clown, Dillon, is determined to take care of Coke, which is tough when Coke is usually the one to care for everyone.

Coke has a huge secret from his past, though, and, when Dillon digs to discover what it is, the skeletons in Coke’s closet threaten to destroy both men.

Publisher’s Note: This book has been previously released elsewhere. It have been revised, re-edited ansd significantly expanded for re-release with Pride Publishing.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

The good and bad side of series books.

Good, You get to follow people through there lives, relationships etc.

Bad side, if you don’t read in order there is a good possibility you will miss a section of said lives.

So I read book two, skipped three and now read this one. All the same players are in these books and just like two, this one focuses on Coke and Dillon. as well as Sam, Jason and Bax.

So in book two we got these two together, and now we get to find out how they are doing. How they can survive during and after.

So we start in a pretty dramatic way and throughout the novel it never stops.

I loved how Dillon never stops, he never lets Coke fall. Through the rough, the tough, the sad and the WOW did that just happen. Dillon is the rock.

We also got to see the rest of the gang grow, learn and heal.


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