Better with You (Outback Skies #4) by Lexxie Couper #mf #review @lexxie_couper

Better with You

“There’s nothing hotter than a killer love story.”

“Outback Skies,” Book 4

Charlie Baynard is an average Outback cop. Protecting the people in his small town and flying through the Outback skies in his police chopper suits him just fine. But there s a side to him that no one knows about. Like the fact he used to be one of the Australian government s best assets, and his name isn t really Charlie.

A dangerous past conditioned Charlie to be afraid of nothing and no one. Except for the woman who knows “exactly” who he really is. His wife. And if the reports that she s headed for Wallaby Ridge are true, he s got two choices arrest her or kill her. Before she kills him.

Dani De Vries never questioned orders and was paid to do things that put her on a lot of most-wanted lists. Then Charlie entered her life and things shifted. Now Dani is on the run, hunted by dangerous people. But not as dangerous as the man she never meant to fall in love with her husband.

If only she can find him in time. And convince him not to put a bullet between her eyes.

“Warning: The hero and heroine in this romance are dangerous. And violent. And don t pull any punches, in or out of bed. And they spend a lot of time in bed having a lot of sex. A “lot” of sex.””addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Charlie is the sheriff of a small town in Australia after leaving the spy world. He changed his name, his identity, but kept a close eye on things in case danger came knocking at his door. Danger has arrived and her name is Dani – his wife. Dani is on the run because she refused to do a job for the same spy organization and she sought out Charlie in hopes of saying goodbye before she was found and killed. But, they profess their love for one another and then vow to face their attacker, aka the director of the organization, and put an end to him.

Having not read the rest of the series, I found this book to work as a stand-alone. The action, suspense, and fast pace kept me entertained and wanting more. Charlie is beloved by his town, but the people (and his mates) don’t know his history or how he came to be their sheriff. Dani is a dangerous woman who was tasked with killing Charlie once up on a time, but failed in hopes of saving him and causing him to run. Their love and attraction has lasted all of the years they were apart and the sacrifices each made for the other just blew me away. They are both on the edge while waiting for danger to find them, all while finally admitting how deeply their love for one another runs. And the sexual tension? WOW!

Better With You is a great, sexy, suspenseful story that is easily read in one sitting. The only con to this story is that I now want to go back to read the rest of the series! Not a con at all.


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