Amber Alert by Barbara Winkes #mf #review @demeter94

Amber Alert

When her two-year-old niece is kidnapped, Major Crimes Detective Ann McCoy uses every bit of leverage she has with Agent Cal Davis to stay on the case. More children are missing. Their parents, like Ann’s sister and her wife, are desperate for answers. While the investigators look at the disturbing possibilities, a pattern emerges. They find an organization hidden in plain sight that has no boundaries when it comes to pushing their agenda- even at the cost of harming families and children. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Ann is a detective who sometimes works along with the FBI on missing children cases. This time the missing 3 year old is her niece, the daughter of Ann’s sister and sister in law. Taken by a strange man during a park outing with the daycare, no one is sure of the motive, kidnapper, or any other information. The pattern of missing children, lately, doesn’t fit together. The lead detective

Oh my word! Never has a book caused me to feel so many different emotions while reading it! I got frustrated. I got angry. I cried. I laughed. I even wanted to hug and throw my kindle across the room (not at the same time, though). It is difficult to explain what caused such emotions without giving away the plot, but so many different feelings came up that I didn’t know what to think/feel/do. Rosie is Ann’s niece and she was kidnapped because she had two mothers. That alone tore me apart. The things the child went through because she was loved by two woman. The adoptive mother even tore at my heartstrings, even though not as much as the victims and families. Ugh, the entire story is just gut wrenching. It is definitely worth reading if you like suspenseful and emotional stories.


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