Wolf on a Mission (Salvation Pack #6) by N.J. Walters #mf #review @njwaltersauthor

Wolf on a Mission

When love runs wild, there are no limits.

Salvation Pack, Book 6

Full-blooded werewolf Elias Gallagher, sole guardian of his half-breed teenage nephews, is all too aware that the world is not a safe place for a werewolf on his own. Doubly so for half-breeds.

He brings his nephews to North Carolina to check out the Salvation Pack’s openness to half-breeds. He never expected to find a mate—the fully human mother of a young boy—while there.

After enduring one tragedy after another over the past two years, Sue Walsh is focused solely on earning a living and raising her five-year-old son. With her ex suddenly demanding custody, the last complication she wants or needs is an attraction to a ruggedly handsome stranger.

But the sexual pull between them is too strong to be denied. And when there’s trouble with the local hunters, Elias will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. Even if it means revealing his biggest secret.

Warning: This book will make your heart pound with excitement, your body sizzle with anticipation and your toes curl with satisfaction. The power of love will make you believe anything is possible.

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Elias’ only concern is keeping his half-breed nephews safe and help them learn about being part of a pack. What he wasn’t looking for was his mate – a human single mother with a son of her own and an ex bent on gaining full custody. Danger finds the pair and they both need to protect the kids and need the pack’s help in doing so.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Elias, Sue, and the kids. Elias’ nephews need the tender care of a mother figure and Sue is drawn to mother them. The way she cares for all the kids is sweet and wonderful. But, the pull between Elias and the human woman, even though forbidden, is so strong and intense that I could feel the steam coming off of the pages! All of the characters are well developed and I never felt as though one took away from another within this story. The kids all brought a dynamic to the couple to create a pack of their own in a different way. Love that!

Having only read one other book in this series, I found it easy to follow along and think this works as a stand-alone, although it would help to read the rest of the series. The Salvation Pack is one that I am glad to get to know and love the way the author created them and the cast of characters within it!


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