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Written in the Stars

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Bailey McMillan’s life is a mess. The general public blames him for his former employer’s nuclear pollution, resulting in professional disgrace. Humiliated, he takes a job as an editor at a science magazine run by his best friend, John. That part isn’t so bad; Bailey is fond of John, who seems to find Bailey’s abrasive nature amusing.

Unfortunately, working for John also leads to writing an astrology column in exchange for getting free rein in some op-ed articles—and then being sued over one. The (totally coincidental) accuracy of the column offers opportunity for further professional disgrace if anyone discovers its author—and then Bailey digs himself a little deeper.

In an attempt to prove astrology is bogus, he agrees to an experiment to date someone from each star sign. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bailey’s got a stupid crush on John, who stubbornly insists on a detailed breakdown of every date—bad and otherwise. Bailey’s luck has to improve sometime… right?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

I’ve had this in my Audible account for almost a year and it’s one of those books I kept thinking “I need to listen to this” but I would either have something else new to read or listen to and kept forgetting about it. Then, two days ago, I started it. And could not stop. I listened to the 6 hour audio in one sitting straight. Because it was too fun to stop.

Meet Bailey, a certified genius who is a bit full of himself brain wise, even if his body has partially gone to seed. He knows he’s right about everything, tends to rip other’s opinions to shreds, and is quite okay with that. He has only a couple friends and he treats them the same way he treats everyone else. They just have different ways of handling it.

His best friend John is also his boss. For Bailey to get full reign in vilifying some of his scientific colleagues in the magazine John owns, he agrees to do an astrology column without a byline. To his horror, the column gets national recognition. Not only that, but his predictions seem to come true. For this left-brained, diehard scientist, this is not to be borne. So when John suggests he make a science experiment out of the whole thing by dating a man from each of the zodiac signs, he thinks it’s stupid, but agrees.

What follows is some of the most hilarious dialogue and scenes I’ve read/listened to. Bailey is unapologetically full of himself and when he dates a couple guys who have the same issues, he doesn’t like it.

And I highly suggest you listen to the audio first. Peter B. Brooke does the most phenomenal job at the characters, their voices, and in emoting Bailey – because Bailey needed to be emoted. He is just an over the top character and Brooke did a fantastic job with him. The only bad spot was when after the date with Dan, John sounded like Dan in his and Bailey’s next conversation. But that only happened once.

I can’t suggest it highly enough. Definitely an audio book worth listening to again and again.

Story Rating: 5 stars

Audio Rating: 5 stars

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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