Take Me in Tahoe by Shelli Stevens #mf #review

Take Me in Tahoe

“The fireplace isn t the only thing heating up this cabin.”

Romance sucks. Especially when it kicks Nikki out of her own house so her roommate can get cozy with her boyfriend. At least the bribe is worth it a weekend of blissful isolation in a mountain cabin.

It s not until she s wrapped in a full-body tackle that she realizes the cabin comes fully equipped with an uptight, incredibly sexy man.

Chase was looking forward to a quiet weekend alone in his cabin, but his brother had to go and lend the key to a woman with funky clothes and sassy attitude. Yet he can t just let her leave. Not at one in the morning with the mother of all snowstorms bearing down on them.

Also, Ms. Not-My-Type sends his blood racing to parts of his body he hasn t used since he broke up with his old girlfriend. A painfully long time ago

“Warning: Two strangers, a snowstorm, and one weekend together. Opposites attract in this stranded-in-a-cabin romance that has more than just the marshmallows melting!”

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Nikki agrees to leave her townhouse and stay at her roommate’s boyfriend’s cabin in Tahoe so that they can be alone. When she gets there, she is grabbed by a wall of muscle who thinks she is breaking in. Chase thinks she is a thief because of her Goth like appearance, but still finds the stranded woman sexy as sin. He, also, thinks she is one of his brother’s girlfriends and doesn’t put the moves on her because of that. After finding out that Justin sent her there, Chase offers her the bed and she thinks she will leave in the morning. But, the snow strands the pair and they decide to pass the time with each other after Chase learns that she is not one of his brother’s conquests.

This was a short, sexy, steamy, story that I read very quickly. I liked Nikki’s quirky attitude and sarcastic personality. Chase is a firefighters, aka an ordinary guy, while Nikki likes to push the envelope and go against the norm. Together, they creates a combustible pair that passes the time in the cabin in so many fun ways. While these two would not have sought each other out in the “real world”, the fact that they were stranded made for a good tale and fun times.


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