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Rocked by Love

Kylie Kramer knows that she’s putting her life in danger when she decides to investigate her friend’s mysterious death. What she doesn’t know is that she’s being watched over by a powerful protector. A legend in stone who has defended humanity throughout the ages. A rock-hard savior who swoops down from the sky, scoops Kylie into his impossibly strong arms, and draws her into a world that no mortal woman can imagine…or resist.


As the strongest of the gargoyles, Dag is sworn to destroy the demons that threaten Kylie’s world before returning to his stony slumber. But the burning desire she ignites in him is even harder to fight-an all-consuming force that, once unleashed, can never be tamed. As their passion grows, so do the ranks of a demonic army plotting to take over the earth. When the ultimate battle begins, Dag and Kylie must face some demons of their own-to carve out a love that’s stronger than time…

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I really like this series and I found this installment to be particularly fascinating because Kylie’s magic isn’t a form we typically encounter in paranormal romances. Kylie is a computer geek. She’s independently wealthy because she developed an app for her own use, that she went on to sale to the company whose program was bugging her in the first place. And like any hacker geek, the money is there as a convenience because her enjoyment in life still comes from programming. So how, you ask, does a technogeek end up in the middle of an ancient war between the Light and the Dark, complete with her very own Guardian? She goes looking for answers regarding the death of a friend, almost finds them, and most certainly finds trouble along the way.


We met Kylie in Hard as a Rock when Wynn needed her hacking skills to locate info on Wynn’s missing brother, Bran. In Rocked by Love, Kylie has continued looking into Bran’s death because she’s not buying the story Wynn gave her – and with good reason. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, she manages to track down someone who can provide her more info on Guardians, Wardens, nocturni, and the Seven – all terms she found in Bran’s files. It’s unfortunate for Kylie because she finds herself being kidnapped when her “informant” doesn’t show up for their meeting. It’s fortunate for Kylie (and the world), because her kidnapping awakens another Guardian. Dag is the fourth Guardian to be called forth to join the fight, save the world, and protect his mate – whether she wants to be or not.


I have enjoyed each of the couples in the series (except for book 1, but only because I haven’t read it yet), but I do believe that Kylie is my favorite of the ladies. She’s a freaking hoot. Her wit and sarcasm kept me entertained as much as it stomped all over Dag’s last nerve. The manner in which he succumbs to their intended mating was hilarious because of how adamant he was that there would be no mating between them because having a mate was a weakness. Theirs definitely began as a “kiss ‘em or kill ‘em” kind of relationship and, fortunately for the reader, they went with the kissing, and then some. As I said earlier – and you probably thought I forgot about it – but part of why I was so taken by Kylie’s character was that her magic is in coding (or pattern recognition). She can “see” the “codes” in how things work and manipulate them to work better, which is part of why she was so successful as a programmer. But Kylie’s natural intelligence enabled her to “look” at spells, “see” the codes, and tweak them accordingly, which is why I called it pattern recognition. Rather than possessing an elemental magic like we often see in paranormal romances, Kylie’s power is a more modern one and I cannot wait to see her put in in use as they ramp up their efforts to find the remaining Guardians. Did they kick evil’s butt? Not really. They did put a hurtin’ on it though; but, as there are supposed to be seven Guardians to equal the seven Demons, we’ve got at least three more to find. Rocked by Love was another action-packed installment in the Gargoyles series and I cannot wait to find out what happens next (and listen to book one as I snagged the audiobook during a trial membership for Audible…hehe).


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