Revelations (Goddess of Fate #3) by Brenda Cothern #mf #review @BCothernBooks


As Fate continues to manipulate Zarkina, she has no choice, but to venture to the Isle of Destiny to learn to control her Goddess ‘gifts.’ The journey is fraught with danger as the Bis’halites attempt to make her chose the God of Chaos and the Sisters’ of Fate have their own agenda for the heir to Jaxarelin.

Zarkina must learn control over her new magic and accept that she is the Goddess reborn, but will she accept the crown from her dying mother, the Queen?

This book is NOT a stand-alone novel and should not be read without first reading Retrieval (book 1) and Reunion (book two) in The Goddess of Fate series.
This series contains adult content, including sexual violence. If this is a trigger for you, please do NOT read. This book is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

*^*^* This series contains adult content, including sexual violence. If this is a trigger for you, please Do NOT read. This book is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Revelations. Yeah, you weren’t kidding were you Cothern? I absolutely love that even though it has been almost three months since I read book two, I had no problem picking the story back up where we left Zarkina and her motley crew of companions. And yes, you do have to read this series in order because even though each book, so far, has been a complete story for that segment of Kina’s journey, it is a journey that is building upon itself.


Kina has set out for the Isle of Destiny, with Sister Mira, Indearn, and Crucia accompanying her. Even though they make it safely to the port and settle in on a ship, they wake to find they have been kidnapped by followers of Bis’hale and Crucia is believed to be dead. After several days of torture, the priests fail to get Kina to accept Bis’hale, but they do succeed in causing her to tap into her goddess-touched gift…fire. And she does so spectacularly. Thankfully, we learn that Crucia was not dead and he taught the priests and their mercenaries what torture really was. Yikes! But the story really gets interesting once Kina and her companions arrive at the Isle of Destiny. I’m just going to say this part straight out. I loved, loved, loved when Kina told the Elders, in no uncertain terms, that if they wouldn’t allow Indearn and Crucia to remain with her, then she wouldn’t stay. Then when the Elders continued to refuse … she turned around, walked out the door, returned to the port, and made arrangements with the ship’s captain for return passage. LOVED IT!!! Of course we knew it was the Elders who were going to blink first. When the testing of Kina’s skills commenced, I came to the same theory as she did as to what the catalyst was for making her powers work, and I’m kind of glad I was wrong about it too.


As for the actual revelations the title alludes to, I won’t tell you what they were because that would be a major spoiler issue. What I will say is that we learn more about Bis’hale’s relationship with Kina and things got really interesting in that arena. We learn that there are far more followers of Bis’hale than anyone suspected and they appear to have infiltrated places they should never have had access to. We learn that Kina has been goddess-touched with more than the power of fire and her abilities are rather stunning once she learned how to focus them. But the biggest revelation is one I’m not 100% sure on, but if I’m right … it is mindboggling in what it means for Kina. Kina does get some sad news towards the end of the book and it bodes well for readers of the next installment in the Goddess of Fate series. Revelations was another outstanding read and I am so pleased that the author tempted me to give the series a try.


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