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of love

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Free-spirited computer programmer Kent McMann loves life, candy, his family, and his job designing apps. With his go-getter attitude, he succeeds at anything he tackles. So having a child with a surrogate mother is the perfect start to the family he’s always wanted, even though he still hasn’t found his longed-for Mr. Right.

Then, into Kent’s life comes triathlete Dex Lochland, who also happens to be a successful app designer, and the two of them hit it off. They soon begin a relationship full of fun, sex, laughter, and love. But when Kent learns his attempt at fatherhood with the surrogate has succeeded, Dex is shocked. Unknown to Kent until that moment, Dex has never wanted children.

Kent’s decision before he met Dex might cost him the man of his dreams.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

What a sweet, happy tears audio.

These two guys that have made a name for themselves, in a very modern way. One does Iron mans, professionally and has created App’s to co inside with that. How to eat, train etc. The other is an App builder.  Both are independently wealthy gay men and wanting the rest of there lives to come together  like the workside.

Kent, decided he is at a place that he wants to start a family. With or with out a life partner. But it just so happens that week he meets Dex, basically the man of his dreams.

Dex, falls hard and fast for Kent but is blindsided when Kent finally tells him about the babies. Him, himself always figured he never wanted or would have kids.

Together Kent and Dex have made one of the sweetest couples I’ve read/heard in a long time. They have perfect ‘adult’ chemistry. They have complete fun together,, but also talk about there problems and compromise. No one alpha male and one whiny sub/twink. Makes for a nice change.

As the babies get closer to being born they have there own set of problems to deal with, Dex not totally on board, training for races, Kent’s family. Bit all that secondary story rounds out the main story nicely.


I’ve heard this narrator several times before, and as before I just not a big fan, the way he makes the last syllables of the words almost harsh sounding. Just didn’t fit right with these two. However,  towards the end he seemed to drop that and made both sound even and soft.

Story 5

Narrator 3

Over all 4




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