Naked Hunger (Naked Cowboys #8) by Desiree Holt #mf #review @desireeholt

Naked Hunger

His heart has an appetite only one woman can satisfy.

Naked Cowboys, Book 8

Sable Hunter paid her dues caring for suburban pets in West Texas. Ready to get back to her first love—large animals—she’s excited about moving to Saddle Wells to take over for the retiring veterinarian. With a reputation to build, she can’t afford any distractions, and the sizzling heat between her and local rancher Ryan Donovan could seriously mess with her focus.

Ryan earned his stripes the hard way, one bull at a time on the rodeo circuit. Now he’s put his prize money to work raising bulls for competition. He can’t deny he misses the rush of pro riding—until the sweet new vet in town brings a different kind of excitement and makes him want to sweep her into his bed and his future.

Becoming friends with benefits sounds like an excellent compromise to Ryan until he can convince Sable she doesn’t have to choose between career and love. But a costly mistake could destroy her career, as well as any chance for happiness with the man she realizes she loves.

Warning: Contains a woman whose career is taking off, and a man whose career is changing direction faster than a spinning bull. Hang on, ladies, this cowboy’s got a free hand and it’s about to get wild!

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Sable Hunter wants to be taken seriously as a large animal veterinarian, so she sells her share of the practice she feels stifled in and moves to West Texas to take over the office of a retiring vet. While she is there to see if she likes the place, she meets the sexy and rugged former rodeo champ turned rancher, Ryan Donovan, and the instant attraction shocks them both (no pun intended). Wanting to separate business and pleasure, she fights against his advances. But, that doesn’t last long when he tells her that he intends to win her over.  Things become hot and heavy between the pair until she is suspected of letting his new prize bull loose. He blames her without investigating what really happened and tries to ruin her new reputation and practice. Her friend rally around her and he sees the error of his ways, eventually trying to win her back.

While I love this author and her books, I ended up not liking the hero in this story. Yes, he was handsome. Yes, he was sexy. And, yes, he wooed the heroine in such a sweet way that made me swoon. But, he was a complete and utter ass for blaming her for his bull getting loose without finding out what really happened. Come on! There were so many other men around that could have done it, but he has to blame her because she is female and incompetent? Sorry, that would have turned me off and no way would I have taken him back.

I really liked the heroine, Sable, and her strength, tenacity, and the way she stuck up for herself and didn’t bow down to the men who thought she couldn’t do her job because she was a tiny woman.  Other than her poor judgement for taking Ryan back, she was one kick ass woman! Love that!

Overall, the story is a good one and with the right reader would be amazing, but my issue with the hero kept me from loving it, which upsets me because I usually love everything this author writes.


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