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Byron scholar, Dexter Wildblood, is in hot pursuit of Adam Blow, but Adam fears that surrendering to their mutual passion is too dangerous to risk.

When university administrator Adam Blow steals the departmental photograph of Professor Dexter Wildblood, Byron scholar and new member of staff, he gets far more than he bargained for. Not only is Wildblood hot for Adam, he doesn’t care who knows or sees. But Adam, worried about jeopardizing his job, is far more cautious and wants to keep Wildblood at bay.

But Wildblood, reckless and dissolute, isn’t easily dissuaded and Adam finds him impossible to resist. Can they work out their differences and surrender to passion? Or will Adam play it safe in the face of danger?
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So, if your looking for a steamy romp with an actual story that goes with it, than this quick little novella is perfect. I was seriously pleasantly surprised how much story was with my sex.  And the sex, WOW, steamy, hawt.

So we’ve Adam, who is about to get busted for taking the picture of a professor he’s been crushing on for a couple of months. But hasn’t tried to approach because he considers himself the typical dumb jock. And why would this amazing smart guy give him the time of day?

Then we’ve got the prof. who until Adam walks into his office, hasn’t noticed him. But now won’t stop pursing him.

This is the tale of jock/prof. but so much more. Because Adam has be secretly spying on the prof, we already know a little about him so we get a connection. And after it’s all said and done, both want more and are will to do what they need to do to make that happen.

Just amazing in so few pages we get a HFN ending.


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