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MA Church Author BioTAG MA Church Wolf 1000x1000 (2)M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two grown children.

She was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, runner up in the 2015 Rainbow Awards, and is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

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I’m often asked why I write what I write. If you read my books you know I like paranormal and scifi/fantasy. Is there anything better? In my opinion, no! Give me some hawt guy-on-guy sex with a scifi/paranormal/fantasy twist, and I’ll buy that all day long.

Luckily for me, there are plenty of books out there that cater to such. Here lately I’ve noticed there seems to be a boom in M/M science fiction. There are a lot of new and exciting groups who are willing to do contests and such too.

But what drew me to writing it? Good Lord, there’s no easy answer to that one. When I was a kid, I’d take my Barbies into the bathtub with me. They were mermaids. (This was before dolls came out that actually had tails. And… I probably just dated myself, lol.) Anyway, I’d take a bubble bath, and have huge mountains of white frothy bubbles that my mermaids could use to hide behind from attack.

Outside of the bathtub, my Barbies would fight aliens and shoot creatures trying to track them. Fortunately my mother could sew. Trying to find appropriate clothes for fighting aliens wasn’t an easy thing back then.

Of course, where did I get my ideas? Books, for the longest time. Then the Internet. Later the SyFy channel arrived, and I was in heaven. Granted, some of the movies on there are supremely idiotic, so much so that they’re kind of fun to watch. But then, they had some really good ones on the there too. Lord knows those shows have spurred plenty of ideas.

Then January 26, 2011, SyFy channel aired a new show called Face Off. Face Off is an American reality television game show in which a group of prosthetic makeup artists compete against each other to create prostheses such as those found in science fiction/fantasy and horror films. Man, it was like hitting the lottery as far as plot bunnies went. I’ve been addicted every since.

So, what fascinates me so much about this gene? It’s the idea of taking a character and making it into something that attracts me. As a writer, I have the opportunity to create something. An alien can have any color skin, eyes, hair, extra body parts… whatever my imagination can come up with, no matter how wild.

I love doing that, lol. I mean seriously, creating something from scratch is a thrill I can’t explain. And it’s not necessarily just creating a sentient being. You can create an entire world. It’s awesome and scary. The downside—if you want to call it that—is you have to explain how your bright and shiny new world works, even if there is standard mythology that can be applied.

Do they travel though space? Better get ready to explain that. What are their weapons like? What’s their social structure? Religion? What do they use as money? Can they breathe under water? If so, how? If you’re going to create a race, then there’s this little thing called worldbuilding that goes hand-in-hand with it. And, while fun, it can also turn into quite the project.

In my scifi books, I’ve created aliens who have tentacles. *snicker* That was fun, mainly because I wanted them to be a little scary, but sexy too. So, how to make tentacles sexy? Well, trust me, it can be done! Oddly enough, the trend seems to be going away from scary to sexy as far as tentacled aliens go. I’ve read several good books based on them.

I’ve created aliens who had snake-like qualities too. Like feline aliens and shifters? Done that, lol. Lately I’ve ventured into other areas. While I have written characters with the ability to breathe underwater, he was not a merman. (Kia from The Harvest series.)

My newest character is Nisha from Beneath the Surface, who is a merman. He’s also the first type of character like this I’ve written. He was so much fun! Not being human, he’s a little confused as to why humans react as they do, lol. By the end of the story, his mate had enlightened him. *grin*

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A whole different world exists beneath the surface.

The last thing Nisha expects while patrolling his territory is to find his mate, but his instincts tell him the handsome human diving into the surf is the one meant for him. Two bites and Kannon will be joined to him forever. But when Kannon’s father disrupts the mating process, Nisha releases his claim, hoping beyond hope his mate will one day return.

While free diving with his father, Kannon is bitten by a seductive merman. Although he swore to never go near the ocean again, the pull to return to the water and his mystery man remains strong. Finally, after fifteen years away, an impromptu wedding brings Kannon back to the Seychelles, and his destiny.

Kannon only plans to stay on the island for a week, but this time Nisha won’t let his mate go without a fight. Merfolk and human culture collide as the embers of Nisha and Kannon’s mate bond ignite, and Nisha must complete the mating before it’s too late.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Purchase LinksTAG

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A whole different world existed under the sea—lighting, sounds, even the feeling of otherworldliness. No matter how clear the water, it still played tricks, even on experienced divers.

The colorful tropical fish, artifacts, and the remnants of history buried beneath the waves—along with a mysterious landscape mostly untouched by humans—always gave Kannon a thrill. Parts of the reef weren’t very deep, so he had no trouble freediving.

This year for vacation, Kannon and his dad rented a boat and guide to take them to the reefs around the Seychelles. This was by no means the first time he’d gone snorkeling. Growing up along the California coast guaranteed Kannon was comfortable in the water.

The guide had warned them to stay together, but Kannon had other ideas. Besides, he wasn’t going that far off. After investigating the colorful reef fish and interesting coral formations—and seeing his dad was distracted—Kannon slowly but steadily wandered off on his own. An outcrop of rocks covered in algae caught his eye, and he went to investigate.

Many of the multihued native fish swam past him, curious as to what he was. It was funny how they circled him. Kannon held his hand out. A few braver fish darted in, nibbled at his fingers, and then swam off. God, what a rush it was. Nothing was better than this.

He drew closer to the outcrop, surprised it was much deeper than he’d first thought. Huh, not an outcrop, but the mouth of an underwater cave. Cool. From a distance it appeared to be nothing more than oddly shaped rocks. Peering inside, he was unable to see past the murky blackness within.

Curious, he reached his hand out, stretching toward the mouth of the cave. His scalp prickled. A tingle washed through him. The water around him caressed his body as he hung weightlessly, staring at the cave entrance as his dick swelled in his trunks. What the…?

It wasn’t as if he made a habit of getting horny while diving, so what the hell? Torn between desire and unease, he hovered in the tropical water. Chills chased up his spine, and goose bumps broke out over his body.

His heart rate sped up—not a good thing underwater—and the feeling of being watched crept across his nerves. Something was in there, and his mind screamed at him to get away even as the urge to reach inside nearly overwhelmed him.

Kannon’s body swayed dangerously closer. His nipples ached as the water flowed past, and he had to force himself not to whimper as need struck him. He jerked back. There’s something waiting for me, just waiting for me to reach in so it can… what? So it can do what?

Jesus, he needed to get a serious grip on his imagination, and crap, he had to surface too. Lack of oxygen made the decision for him. All this panicking on his part had used up his air—stupid of him.

He surfaced and shook the hair out of his eyes. Wow, is that our boat way over there? Oh man, Dad’s going to kill me. Worried about the fit his dad was going to have, he was totally unprepared for the strange guy who popped up next to him, although “guy” might have been overly nice.

Kannon yelped, but the dude across from him just smiled. The androgynous, fey face wasn’t quite human. The long pointed ears were a good indication, as was the glimpse of sharp little teeth.

Oh, and the gills at its neck.

Azure blue hair floated in the water around shapely shoulders and cobalt blue eyes stared back at him. It was a visage that was hauntingly beautiful, otherworldly, and a tad disconcerting. The creature smiled slightly as if he agreed. It—whatever it was—scared the bejesus out of him.

Then it reached out and dragged Kannon under the water.