Leading Me Home (Harrington Hills #1) by Megan Linden #mm #review @megan_linden @PridePublishing

Leading Me Home

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Pretending to date the guy he has a crush on? Kevin’s sure he’s heading for a disaster. A broken heart, at least.

Kevin has been a lone wolf almost his entire life and he’s comfortable with that. Now that he no longer works for the guy he hated, Kevin has only one problem—his crush on his neighbor and best friend.

Taylor is the Alpha’s Son, the heir to the Harrington Pack. He left his hometown and moved to San Francisco as a rite of passage, but it was always temporary, since his place is in Harrington Hills with his pack. Now Taylor is heading back home for a wedding and since his mother is threatening to set him up if he comes alone, he needs a date. Asking Kevin to be his pretend boyfriend sounds like a perfect solution.

What happens when they arrive in Harrington Hills and learn to see each other in a different light? With their relationship changing, can they drop the act and realize that what they have is real?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is a sweet simple tale from an author I’m not sure I’ve read before but will be on the look out for more in the future.

We’ve got two mid twenty guys living in the same building who both happen to be wolves. One is the son of an Alpha and the other is what they are calling a lone wolf. Over the months both develop a best friendship. Problem is one of the guys fell in love along the way.

I really enjoyed ‘watching’ these two learn each other during the two weeks prior to the wedding and then a little after. This wasn’t your typical wolf/mate story. Neither knew what they really meant to each other. We got to follow the learning of each other, the first kiss, the first run. The ups and downs. Which to me made this one extra special.

What I did find frustrating was the lack of story on Kevin’s side. So much story there and we did get little bits, but not enough to justify why a pack just throws a wolf away.

That aside, watching these two grow into a beautiful relationship was very fulfilling.


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