Into the Arena (Lionhearts #4) by Elizabeth Coldwell #mm #review @PridePublishing

into the arena

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He will fight for the one he loves, no matter what it takes.

Cesare Bianco is a shifter without a pride. Exiled from his home town of Padua after losing a leadership fight to his corrupt, self-serving uncle, he travels to Rome in search of a new beginning. A chance meeting sees him taking a job on the catering crew of a Hollywood blockbuster. When he meets the movie’s handsome lead actor, Hayden, he knows he’s in the presence of his mate. But Hayden is human. Even though he offers the possibility of lasting love, Cesare must fight all his instincts to make it happen.

Hayden Skarz is on the verge of the big time. Landing the lead in sci-fi adventure Thrown to the Lions has put him on the road to stardom. Filming in Rome is a difficult new challenge for him, though being around Cesare, the hunk who works in the catering truck, makes his job much sweeter. Sex between them is passionate and wildly inventive. But Hayden has a stalker, who’s tired of being ignored in favor of other men. When what started as a crush turns into murderous obsession, can Cesare help Hayden make it off the film set alive?

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I’ve read all these books in order, and while I’ve done that I really don’t think its necessary.


This time we are in Italy. We start by a young guy sticking his foot in his mouth and ending up getting kicked out of town and losing his Pride. I say young, because at that point we never really know how old he is but he’s acting like a young pup.

What I really enjoy about this book and series is yes it’s based on a Lion shifters and yes they are all related in some way. Married, brothers, cousins etc. But we keep traveling around Europe and so far it’s places I’ve been at one point or another in my life its really nice to remissness.

What I’m not enjoying about this book was I felt like we were lead to believe that we would have tons of drama, starts to stories and they all just fizzled or maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m over this series? What I did enjoy was the fact we got to see, feel the emotions of Cesare first, thrown out without money, food. And we get to live those times with him, finding the job and then his mate.  Being able to protect that mate, being able to be himself.

Of course, he never spent any time really, alone, cold or super hungry, so again kind of anticlimactic but a good base to get us to the main story, or so we thought.

Hayden and Cesare together make a good team, Hayden being able to teach the younger pup a thing or two about life. Both being able to sort out Hayden issue. Which I hate to use the word anticlimactic, but really it was.

And then left with an HFN but really kind of unresolved storyline.



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