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Fractured Hearts

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Unrequited love, two sexy cowboys and a passionate veterinarian fight their past in order to find their futures together…half a heart at a time.

A promise broken.

Losing her family at a young age, and being a victim to broken promises from the man she loved all her life, means Charlie McCarty rarely lets anyone get close to her. Resolved to live her life without love and determined to become a top-notch veterinarian, she begins her residency in Redfield. Fate, however, has a way of stepping in to change even the most stubborn set plans, and forces Charlie to face her past, pushing the boundaries of her control and her heart to the brink of destruction.

A passion-fueled desire.

It started out as a celebration, a chance for Charlie to let her hair down and just let go of her firm control for just one evening, but a sexy as hell cowboy, and his familiar best friend, ambush everything. With relentless determination, both cowboys set out to show her that she is everything they want to complete their lives. Charlie begins to dream, once again, for the future she thought lost to her years ago.

A journey of the heart.

When a terrifying figure from the past steps into their fragile romance, will their love be enough to overcome the horror about to be unleashed, or will it leave them with hearts broken?

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This is the first MMF I’ve read by Peterson, but since I’m such a big fan of her MM stories, I thought I’d give this one a try. I have to say, this was smokin’ hot! It takes a deft hand to write believable and engaging menage and I’ve read some real clinkers, but Fractured Hearts didn’t suffer from that at all. Those scenes were very well written. I did have a bit of trouble getting into the story initially, though.


Charlie, a green-eyed beauty with long dark hair opens the story as she’s burying the grandmother who raised her after her parents died. There’s a hint that someone else has failed her, but at this point, all we know is that she’s alone in the world. The story jumps ahead several years and she’s about to begin a veterinarian practice. She’s led a dull life, still pining for a boy she grew up with who’d promised to come back for her. One night in a bar, she meets a sultry, handsome cowboy who seems quite smitten with her. He makes a daring proposition suggesting a threesome, and she’s just about to accept, when she finds out the third is Kegan, the guy who never came back for her. So things go all to hell from there.


The first third of this story was difficult for me to get lost in. Right away I was confused as to how Charlie never ran into Kegan and his ranch partner, Trevor, prior to this. I’m assuming I missed something about her moving somewhere else, or…? I dunno. It’s never clear where they’re supposed to be located. I know some writers don’t specify actual town or state names, and there are many readers who don’t care one way or the other, but it’s one of those things that bugs me. I checked back through the narrative, so if anything was mentioned, it must’ve been fleeting. No big deal overall, but it did pull me from the story.


The other issue I had as Trevor literally forced himself on Charlie and kidnapped her to make her face Kegan, was that I couldn’t get a feel for what Trevor and Kegan’s relationship was all about. It seemed MFM at first, but there was a lot of allusion to something more between the men, but they never communicated about it with each other. Then, they were getting on Charlie about not communicating with them. Then she was pissed off because Kegan wasn’t communicating with her about something else. They needed to sit their asses down and have a conversation instead of Charlie running away, then purposely taunting them with skimpy outfits, then getting them to jump her, then running away again. It was exhausting.


Once that first third was done and they finally decided to give things a try and actually talk to each other, the pace of the story picked up and I stopped wanting to strangle all three of them. And of course, the really hot sex scenes revved up at that point too and I certainly wasn’t complaining about that! As they drew closer together, more secrets from their pasts were revealed, Kegan in particular, and part of that past catches up with them. That made for a nice bit of tension and I thought it added a lot to the story overall.


Peterson is an excellent author and storyteller, so other than that first section, I really enjoyed this book. If you’re a fan of hot cowboys, steamy menage and some suspense, I recommend Fractured Hearts. I’m giving it four stars.


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