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To prove to his annoying older brother that he’s a man, well-to-do sculptor Rupert Pemberton tries to repair his broken toilet. But he has no knack for practical tools and no know-how. After a flood of biblical proportions, he has no choice but to call for help.

A gorgeous hunk of a plumber named Paul Cooper shows up at Rupert’s doorstep with a ready toolbox and a sexy smile. With Paul at his side, Rupert realizes he wants more than a quick fix. After a couple of cozy dates and a few bouts of steamy sex, Rupert wonders how he can keep Paul around for good.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGKim Talks TomesTAG

Rupert, aka Roo, has always lived in his older brother’s shadow. When his toilet needs to be fixed, he insists that he can take care of it himself even though his brother suggests calling a plumber. Eventually, he realizes that he does need professional help with the fix and a strong, sexy, tall, man shows up and takes care of the problem. But, that isn’t all he takes care of and the two get down and dirty on the bathroom floor. Paul, the plumber, woos the Goth Roo and takes him on a few dates to court him the proper way, even though they always end the nights back in Roo’s bed.

I really struggled with this short story. It started out strong, but fizzled very quickly. So much so, that I had to put the book down and either do something else or read something else because it could not hold my attention. The dialogue was too detailed and cheesy in a lot of parts. Paul seemed to talk down to Roo a lot, which is not something I would want in a partner.  In another instance, Paul asks Roo about his Gothic lifestyle and instead of a conversation, the dialogue turned into what felt like a lecture about Goths and the history of them. Interesting? Yes. Did it work in the context of the story? No, it was one of the places where I had to put the story down.

While I could not connect with either of the characters, I found them to be well developed and the backstory for each was well detailed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep me engaged and I just did not care for this book. Maybe it is me? Maybe not. But, either way I would not recommended it.


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Okay, I have to be honest, I actually didn’t read the blurb with this one. Susan Laine is an auto for me. So I laughed out loud when I read the toilet issue and realized the title. It just so happened I had to replace our fill valve inside our toilet tank the afternoon before I read this book. Shame I didn’t need to call a plumber.

These two were interesting together. One born with a silver spoon but wants to be independent, make a name for himself. While the other has been working hand to mouth for years and finally has his own. But is it enough to impress?

So many things I enjoyed about these two, the way they discover each other, the way they help each other grow not just in the relationship but as people and in there confidences with there families, work and such. I  could have done with out the play by play on the plumbing details.

Even though this story is only about 70 pages on my ereader, we get the whole gambit, from just meeting to a nice HEA at the end.




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