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flash burned

Though I held a claim over him, Dane Bax owned me. Possessed me. Call it whatever you wished, he had become my world. My lifeblood. Someone and something I couldn’t exist without.

Ari cannot live without Dane. She lives him, breathes him, and aches for pleasures he gives her night after night. But not all is safe in Ari’s world. When a group of vicious men hell-bent on ruining Dane shatters their bliss, Ari is left alone and bereft, save for her best friend Kyle, who has loved her since he first laid eyes on her.

Kyle knows that Ari’s heart truly belongs to another, but he will still do everything he can to protect Ari…and hope that he can seduce her as he does. Kyle is loving, kind, desirable, and completely someone that Ari could fall for. But even as she and Dane are separated by the most dire of circumstances, she will not give up on the man who has shaken her to her very core…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

When I read Burned Deep, there was no indication that it was the first in a series. It wasn’t until I read the Epilogue that I even suspected that there was more to come for Dane and Ari. In fact, the author ended the book in such a way that left their story open for more, yet was complete enough to stand on its own. But when I saw the Goodreads listing for Flash Burned I KNEW that it was the next book in the series – again, it was not marked as such (at the time), but Ari and Dane’s presence made it clear to me that it was the sequel. It was both a relief and a bit bittersweet when I marked Flash Burned as “currently reading” on Goodreads today because I learned that it is indeed the second book in the trilogy. I was torn between “Yay! There’s another book coming.” and “Boo! There’s only one more book.” Upon finishing Flash Burned, I’m still not sure which way I’m leaning because this installment was an action-packed thrill-ride and as much as I want to find out how it all ends, I don’t want it to end.


Even though it’s only been four months since I read Burned Deep, in my world that’s well over a hundred books read since then. So I thought it best to reread the last couple of chapters in book one to refresh my memory of events and re-immerse myself in Ari and Dane’s world. This turned out to be a good thing because, oh my goodness, I forgot what Ari had endured at the hands of Dane’s enemies. It also made it so easy to be gripped by the panic and fear of her nightmare that the book opens with. Aside from Ari’s nightmares, the first part of Flash Burned is actually such a relief after what she and Dane endured in Burned Deep. The preparations for the opening of 10,000 Lux are going smoothly, with Ari’s return to her position as event planner and the end of the sabotage attempts by Dane’s enemies. Of course, Kyle is not happy that Ari has returned to Lux and Dane, but he believes it’s only a matter of time before Dane messes up and Ari will need Kyle’s support and friendship. Unfortunately for everyone, Kyle is called upon after tragedy strikes and rips Ari’s entire world apart … again.


Because Flash Burned and the Burned Deep series are firmly within the romantic suspense genre, I can’t say much more about the story itself (and I consulted the blurb to make sure I didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t already alluded to within it). I will say that Ari is once again taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with far too many hills to climb and drops to endure. Fox does a nice job of balancing out the happy times, the sad times, and the terrifying times, within the framework of the elements of suspense (vague enough for you?) that are hounding the couple. Dane continues to work on bringing the “rogue” members down via legal channels, but they prove once again that their reach is long and deadly. Although I don’t like Kyle’s frequent attempts to discourage Ari from Dane, I did appreciate the friendship he offers her. He more than proves his loyalty to her several times over the course of the book, and I really hope that he finds someone (not Ari) to make him happy because he deserves it. There is so much more going on in this installment that I just can’t talk about – and that ending! However, I loved Flash Burned and cannot wait to get my hands on the final installment in the Burned Deep trilogy.


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