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Ex-business owner and soon to be ex-husband Jake has had some rotten luck of late. His world is tumbling down around him, but it’s time to dust himself off and move on. Buying and fixing up the most dilapidated home he can find might be just the thing to get him back on track.

But Jake gets more than he bargained for when he meets former lawyer turned landscaper Dakota. Dakota is smart and ridiculously sexy—and Jake doesn’t have a clue how to act around him. After several gardening mishaps, Jake is sure Dakota thinks he’s completely inept.

Turns out Dakota is thinking something else entirely. And as Dakota gives Jake advice, an ear to listen, and helps him work through his issues, Jake realizes flowers aren’t the only thing blooming between them.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

What a fun sweet story.

We get dropped, at the end or beginning depending on how you look at it of Jake’s next in life. he’s buying a POS home for himself, and having it gutted inside out, top to bottom. Including the yard.

In the mean time he’s living with his BF Mike. Because of this major life change, he’s currently unemployed and has decided to help the landscapers redo the yards. mainly because he can’t keep still for long periods. But as time goes by we find it’s really because of one guy.

The sweet, fun tale starts as Jake becomes to klutz of a wreck as the days go by, because Dakota makes him like a teenager again. All hot, flustered, and horny.

Dakota, is a calm, cool collected man that has decided he better just stay back and watch Jake heal.

That’s most of the book, then the end happens, they get together and we are done. Sad.

If that was one thing that aggravated me about this story was the rushed end. We got our HFN, and the for 90% was perfect. But the last 10% wow, too fast.


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