Fire in the Rockies (Corbin’s Bend Season Four #8) by Holla Dean #mf #review

fire in the rockies

Fiery and strong Kelly Carmichael is a bit of a chip off the old block. Her father Jack and her uncle Brent are strong dominant individuals who can get the job done. And yet there’s a part of her that desires to be dominated in the bedroom. Unsure of her own desires in the DD department, she moves to Corbin’s Bend to be close to family and to work at the Corbin’s Bend Medical Center. Her first day she runs into RJ Butler.

RJ has been in Corbin’s Bend for a while and wants nothing more than to find a woman he can take care of and develop a solid domestic discipline relationship with. Fiery, intelligent Kelly catches his interest and it isn’t long before he wants more. He just can’t tell if she is truly willing to submit to him.

Sparks fly and heat rises in the Colorado Rockies. If RJ and Kelly can make it through the embers, their relationship just might make it. But when a forest fire cuts them off from all help, it’s them against nature. Will they make it home? Or is their fire set to go out? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

It’s been a couple of months since I last read a Corbin’s Bend book, so it was really nice to revisit the spanking community. And as I’m a big fan of the Carmichael men, I thought it was really cool to get a Carmichael woman’s story. That Dean had Kelly share her dad’s and Uncle Brent’s physical characteristics of height was a nice twist because so often, female submissives are portrayed as being small and dainty. But at six-foot-tall, Kelly is neither dainty nor small. Even though Kelly didn’t spend much time with her father growing up, it’s obvious that certain Carmichael traits are genetic because Kelly clearly had some very dominant traits, enough that it made her concerns as to whether or not she could be the Taken in Hand that RJ needed.


Without rehashing the entire story, Kelly seizes a chance to accept a position at the Corbin’s Bend Medical Center so that she can be closer to her family, especially her father, Jack. Prior to moving, Kelly’s biggest hurdle was deciding where to live. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle – which she saw as having to be obedient to her man’s arbitrary rules and being punished whenever he felt like she had broken one. But the daily commute to and from Denver was not particularly attractive either. Obviously she ends up moving to Corbin’s Bend and decides she’ll deal with the DD relationship issue should she ever meet a man who wants one. Wouldn’t you know it? She met such a man within 48 hours of moving to the spanking community. Once we see how weird of a work schedule RJ has, well it was practically Fate that they met. As RJ and Kelly begin to date and RJ convinces Kelly to give DD a chance, it quickly becomes obvious that RJ’s work schedule is actually a good thing for them because their time apart gives Kelly the space she needs to evaluate her feelings about DD and whether or not it’s what she wants for her future.


With a title like Fire in the Rockies you have to expect that there will be some serious sparks flying in the book and Dean definitely delivers. Sexually speaking, there is a serious amount of heat between Kelly and RJ and this makes for some rather hot scenes. As for personalities, Kelly definitely inherited the Carmichael passion and this makes for some strong disagreements. I, for one, could not blame her for getting upset when RJ rebuked her for her driving, especially as she had received US Marshall driving techniques training. But it was the literal sparks that made them both realize how precious life was and forced them to examine where their relationship was going. I’m actually quite sad that this was the final Corbin’s Bend book because it not only means no more visits to the spanking community, but it also means that I won’t get to catch up with the residents and see how RJ and Kelly are doing, as well as my favorite guys, Jonathon and Benjamin. The gang will be greatly missed and Fire in the Rockies was a great way to end the series.


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