Fermenting (Beer and Clay #5) by Sean Michael #mm #review @seanmichael09 @PridePublishing


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Christian needs what Peter has to give him, but will he let himself have it?

With Toby’s stalker behind bars, Damon and Toby can relax and enjoy their relationship, sinking into basking and revelling in each other.

Things are just heating up for Peter and Christian, though. A former soldier, Christian still hasn’t found his subspace and he’s worried it either doesn’t exist or he’s simply doing it wrong. Peter has as much patience as he needs, though, and he slowly pushes Christian to the edges of his limits, doing everything he can to help Christian grow and flourish.

Christian’s training and the café they’re opening create good excuses for Christian to keep from submitting, even though, deep down, it’s what he really wants. Peter’s perseverance will have to work overtime to overcome them.

Will Christian ever give in to the things he knows he needs? Only time will tell.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Finally, this one is mainly Christian and Peter. The Cafe is about to have the soft opening, Toby is sorted and we can concentrate on the other two.

Although Toby and Damon are in the book this is Christian story.

Peter and his boy, still are having the internal war with dominance, which secretly we all love to watch. Including them.

And I loved watching Christian, give up more and more control through out this story. Learning more and more about himself, as he learns about the cafe.

This story, unlike the last couple but not unlike Sean Michael’s books has a lot of love between these characters. Not to say we don’t get a wonderful story as well, but we are back to basics of teaching bedroom/playroom in this one.

I just love that all four also have grown to be a well rounded unit.


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