Energy Reborn (Energy Series #4) by Lynn Vroman #mf #review @lynn_vroman

energy reborn

*Final book of The Energy Series!*

After the trauma from their final battle with Exemplar, Tarek is certain Lena is better off without him. She deserves a life without the baggage he carries. She deserves someone…real. As he fights alongside Oren in Exemplar, one thought keeps him sane: He didn’t let Lena go. He gave her an out.

Lena has spent the last eight months trying to move forward. She can’t think about Tarek; she has to raise fifteen-year-old Peter, who suffers from the same ghosts as her love. All she wants is to make Peter happy. But then Peter runs away to fight in Exemplar—again.

This time is different. This time, Peter doesn’t come back.

Desperate, Lena reaches out to the one person able to help her, the person who needs saved, too.


For Lena, the only answer to saving those she loves is to finish what they started—end the Synod’s reign over Exemplar for good. She’ll not let Tarek or Peter hide behind a war anymore, even if it kills her.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16The Reviewer JoyTAG

Energy Reborn is the final book in the exciting, action packed and heartfelt Energy Series. In the previous book we were left pondering on the new reality that all of our favorite characters were facing. I for one was crossing my fingers hoping that everything was finally going to work out and that our couples would be living happily ever after in peace. I’m not going to go into details with how the story goes nor discuss the twists and turns. I will leave those for the reader to experience firsthand but be prepared for an emotional roller coaster.

Tarek isn’t emotionally in a good place. The bomb that was dropped on him concerning his existence has left him in a state of anger and depression. He’s exiled himself from Lena and has stayed in Exemplar to work with Orin and Celeste in getting Exemplar back in order. The citizens of Exemplar are in shock after learning the truth of their existence and the elders have taken a tight grip over the population in an attempt to regain control and order.

Belva, Farren, Winston and the rest of the crew are on Arcus protecting it from outside threats as they await the birth of the new Warden. Lena has retreated back to Earth trying to get back into the throws of living a somewhat normal and peaceful life along side Zander, Erin and Peter. While Zander and Erin have transitioned smoothly and happily into a quiet life on Earth, Peter is having a hard time.

Juggling Peter’s emotions and the absence of Tarek has Lena on edge and now the danger she thought she had finally escaped has come back into her life. She’s going to have to go back to battle one last time in order to save someone she loves but will this last battle destroy the very people she’s fighting for.

Lynn Vroman has taken us on a wonderful journey from Earth to the strange and magical world of Arcus to Exemplar a place where energy takes on a whole new meaning.  Through that journey we’ve become intimate friends with Lena and her crew. I’ve enjoyed every moment of the journey and was happy to see the story end with a satisfying conclusion even if it’s a bittersweet goodbye. I will miss Tarek and Lena’s heartfelt relationship, Belva and Farren’s adoring love for one another and Winston’s witty sarcastic commentary. Hopefully one day we’ll get to step back into the world of Energy and fate with a new generation of Exemplian’s.

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